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Grand Coalition - Pledge of SAP

Create the Academy Cube, an online learning platform for ICT practitioners open to all ICT companies
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On 5 March 2013 SAP launched the Academy Cube, an online e-learning platform targeted to enrich STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) graduates’ skill-sets with relevant ICT competences. Target audiences are unemployed graduates especially in southern Europe. The platform also includes a matchmaking process to facilitate recruiting of platform graduates.

Partners: SAP, BITKOM, BOSCH, EIT, FESTO, Microsoft, Software AG, ThyssenKrupp.

Although SAP is the main promoter for the moment, the platform is neutral, open to content from other vendors and supposed to be managed by a neutral broker.

In 2013 roll – out is planned in Spain, Portugal and Germany.

Contact Person: Andreas Tegge | Vice President for EU Government Relations at SAP |


Last updated on 27/11/2013