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Francesco Caio

"Invest in digital infrastructure before it is too late"

Francesco Caio is the Chief Executive Officer of Avio Aero, which is a leading player in the design, manufacture and maintenance of civil and military aeronautics components and systems. In June 2013 he was appointed Commissioner for the Italian Government’s Digital Agenda as well as Digital Champion of Italy by Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta. Nicknamed "Mr Digital Agenda" in his country, Francesco Caio believes that investment in broadband technology is essential to achieve the objectives of the Digital Agenda

"Not investing in digital infrastructure is like having osteoporosis: you don't notice until it's too late", he said.

Following his appointment Mr Caio met European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes in Brussels to discuss his priorities to achieve the objectives of the Digital Agenda.

Apart from promoting infrastructure his first priority as a Digital Champion is the digitalisation of the resident registry. "This is a major step, because it is the basis for the digital construction of the public administration", he said.

His second priority is e-invoicing and the third is the setting up e-identities. These actions are linked to his aim to simplify and improve the security of citizens' interactions with public administrations.

"Italy's problem is the existing architecture. We have added many pieces to the system for a long time, and these pieces have difficulties speaking to each other. Making them talk in standardised languages ​​with standardised systems is the real challenge to be overcome", he concluded.

Francesco Caio on his priorities

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