Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

About Science & Technology

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Digital research and innovation will drive Europe's future prosperity and quality of life.

Research and innovation are, therefore, also at the heart of the EU’s Digital Agenda, where programmes fund research projects bringing together Europe's best scientists and engineers.

The current  ICT research programme focuses on, among other areas of research:

  • Robotics: making the most of this growing market through a Public Private Partnership between public authorities, industry and academia;
  • Components & Systems: funding key technologies essential for tomorrow's products and services;
  • Emerging Technologies: encouraging new ideas and long-term research;
  • Language Technologies: supporting research into language and digital content to open up Europe's digital single market to all Europeans;
  • Digital Futures: a foresight project to co-develop long term visions (futures) and policy ideas for beyond the Digital Agenda and Europe 2020.

Further reading: Fact sheet: "ICT in Horizon 2020"