Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


From 05/02/2016 to 27/04/2016

The European Commission has just launched a new 5 Million EUR call aiming at the development of a distributed platform for decentralised data, identity management and bottom-up participatory innovation.

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This infographic addresses different questions on ICT Standards. What are ICT Standards? Who sets standards? What is the EU planning to do? Read more
The draft CEF Telecom Work Programme 2016 has been pre-published. The document outlines the specific areas supported in the field of Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs), from eIdentification to Cybersecurity. Read more
The public consultation on the adoption of a Priority ICT Standards Plan which has been proposed in the Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy was held from 23 September 2015 until 04 January 2016. Read more
Below you will find the responses of organisations, companies or institutions not registered in the EU transparency register that gave their consent to publication. Read more
Below you will find the responses of individual respondents to the public consultation on the Priority ICT Standards Plan who gave their consent to publication. Read more
The Futurium platform Innovation4EU offers a place for engaging different stakeholders and policy makers in a debate about the state of innovation in Europe and the way forward. Read more
This Nature News Feature article summarises some 10 years of FET pioneered research in soft robotics and the research state of the art in this emerging domain worldwide. Read more
Today is World Cancer Day. Digital solutions can improve cancer treatment for example by helping doctors to plan surgery better, predict its outcomes and by integrating available knowledge. Read more
The conference will showcase emerging best practice in the re-use of health data for research, the promotion of standards to support semantic interoperability, and the perspective of patients on the ways in which their health data should be better used. The event's target audience are healthcare providers from across Europe, representatives of the pharma industry, patient associations, health professional associations, the health ICT industry and standards bodies. Read more