Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


The European Commission has launched a study to identify key socio-economic data which will help in the planning for the introduction of 5G infrastructure in Europe. (SMART 2014/0008). Read more
The European Commission has just published a study on the digital service infrastructures supported by the Connecting Europe Facility programme. The study gives an overview on the technical maturity of specific infrastructures to be deployed as of 2015. Read more
A home rehabilitation system helps stroke patients to remaster sequential daily tasks like brewing tea. Read more
Free, diverse and independent media are essential in any democratic society because without freedom of expression and media, an informed, active and engaged citizenry is impossible. Read more
From 26/10/2015 to 27/10/2015
Rome, Italy
HealthyIoT 2015 is the first of an international scientific event series dedicated to Internet of Things and Healthcare. The event has published a call for workshops and papers (deadline 15 June 2015). Read more
The SCOOP project which focused on the development of Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) materials and devices with high brightness and high reliability OLED microdisplays finished in February 2014. We give an update here of developments that have occurred since the project finished. Read more
Management Centre Europe in Brussels, Belgium
The purpose of the conference is to present and debate Health Literacy Guidelines for Policy and Practice. As European populations are ageing and developing more and more costly chronic conditions, there is a strong need for effective interventions, which make the health systems more sustainable. Read more
From 11/05/2015 to 13/05/2015
These are the top 10 things not to be missed at the annual European eHealth Week in Riga. Read more
Even though lower back pain and spinal disorders are the leading cause of disability in western countries, their treatment still leaves a lot to be desired. The EU-funded MySpine project has completed its goal of developing prognosis technology for spinal problems. Read more
The Commission has concerns about the analysis of competition on the retail market for consumer internet access, and about the related question whether KPN can continue to benefit from its strong position on the relevant wholesale market when confronted by the cable operator UPC/Ziggo, whose network also serves such consumers throughout almost the entire country. Read more