Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


Check out the detailed programme and discover the speakers and topics of the upcoming CoP plenary meeting! Read more
50 civil society groups create a new network to protect citizens', workers' and consumers' rights. Read more
This day-long event includes Tapani Piha (European Commission, Directorate General for Health and Food Safety), Petra Wilson (International Diabetes Federation) and Paul Coebergh van den Braak (Philips) who will share their perspectives on personal connected health. Read more
From 22/06/2015 to 26/06/2015
Sophia Antipolis, France
The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) is organising a Security workshop with the contribution of the European Commission. Standards are essential to ensure interoperability among systems and networks. The workshop will therefore focus on security standardization technology and innovation with the aim of improving the practical use of standards. Read more
Given the increasing importance and attention to innovation in and through the Creative Industries and their role as a source of jobs, creativity and growth, this action and future efforts are aimed at building complementarities in order to increase the impact for individual projects and the field overall. Read more
The Alliance of Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) Board approves the guidelines on the operational functioning of the Alliance and welcomes its new members. Read more
A total of 1334 eHealth experts and 81 exhibitors from across Europe gathered in Riga to exchange knowledge and share best practices as part of the annual eHealth Week conference and exhibition. The presentation slides, photo's and Commissioner Andriukaitis' speech are now available. Read more
The best eHealth/mHealth solutions produced by SMEs across Europe have been awarded during eHealth Week 2015. Read more
Wearable technology is surging in popularity, now it’s time to let doctors access this data, according to Professor Tim Lobstein, director of policy at the World Obesity Federation and one of the experts of the EU-funded DAPHNE project. Read more
Giving citizens a greater role in science can deliver the vision of "science for the people, by the people" for Europe. Read more