Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


From 11/05/2015 to 13/05/2015
Riga (Latvia)
The next European eHealth Week will take place on 11-13 May 2015 in Riga (Latvia). It will combine the EU high-level conference on eHealth, the World of Health IT conference and exhibition. Read more
The European Conference on Smart Grid Standardization Achievements was organized by the European Commission (DG Energy) in Brussels on 26 February, in partnership with the three European Standardization Organizations (ESOs) – CEN (European Committee for Standardization), CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) and ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute). Standardization experts discussed next steps in development of standards for smart energy grids with European Commission, energy industry and other key stakeholders. Read more
A workshop organised in December 2014 on "Big Data Skills for Europe” brought together a set of experts to better understand the skills gap for big data analytics and to explore possible ways to bridge that gap. Read more
During 2015 and 2016 STARTIFY7, a new H2020 project, will organise 7 thematically-focused summer academies for young future ICT entrepreneurs. Read more
Google Campus, 4-5 Bonhill St, London EC2A 4BX
qLegal, one of iLINC project core legal incubators, will be holding an event in London to help start-ups navigate the world of social media. Read more
'You are what you eat' states an old saying. Though this statement could be argued, there is nevertheless an important link between the quality of the food we eat and how healthy we are. We have some good news in this domain: the European Union is supporting research projects that will help better track contaminants in food, and thus make sure that what we eat is not harming our health. Read more
The report, coordinated by Nesta and commissioned by the European Commission, DG CONNECT, is the first systematic network analysis of the emerging digital social innovation (DSI) ecosystem in Europe. Read more
SUCCEED was funded by the European Union to promote the take up and validation of research results in mass digitisation, with a focus on textual content. Read more
The project COWIN, which was supported by the European Commission under the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7) contributed to the creation of new business meant to bridge the gap from research to private investment. Read more
A brokerage event was held on 18 February, offering an opportunity for participants to get information and network on the 'micro- and nano-electronic technologies' call for proposals. This blog post has been written by the Head of the organising "Components" Unit of DG CONNECT after the event. Read more