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Registration for ICT 2015 has just opened. Register today and join the ICT enthusiasts from research and academia, politics, industry, start-ups, investors. Free registration gives you access to the ICT 2015 conference, networking, exhibition activities and much more! Read more
The Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG) supported by the European Commission's DG CONNECT publishes on a regular basis reports and studies on Open Innovation in practise. Read more
Care workers and carers are the missing link between the digital tools and elder people. The project CARERPlus proved this hypothesis right. The project trained and enhanced the digital skills and competences of care workers and carers across Europe, making the home care service they deliver better. The project’s programme also improved the professionalisation and job opportunities of the participants. As a result, elder people can acquire themselves ICT competences and become familiar with ICT tools and devices, thus supporting their active ageing and a better quality of life. Read more
The yearbook supports the key issues on the table for 2015, also related to the Open Innovation 2.0 conference. Themes range from European Innovation Ecosystems and their governance to several practical examples on how open innovation brings well-being forwards, both in terms of jobs and growth, but also in terms of quality of life. Read more
Découvrez les prochaines conférences thématiques! 1. La politique énergétique et géopolitique de l'UE 2. Civil Law for Interpreters in German 3. El español en America 4. Les politiques de l'UE envers les pays du sud de la Méditerranée (1957-2015): Quel bilan? 5. Le Moyen-Orient 6. Civil Law in Romanian. Read more
Brussels, Belgium
As the European Commission is preparing the overhaul of Europe’s telecoms rulebook this conference will explore the fundamental questions for creating a genuinely connected European economy and society. Read more
What have the best brains of Europe come up with to improve healthcare with the help of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)? The pdf-document below offers an overview of the most current (on-going or recently finished) European funded projects in the field of ICT for health and wellbeing ('eHealth'). Read more
In Austria, four of the five 116 numbers are currently operational Read more
In Cyprus, three of the five 116 numbers are currently operational Read more