Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


From 13/04/2015 to 17/04/2015
Livorno, Italy
International experts across multiple fields in the scientific community of soft robotics, industrial leaders, young researchers and students will meet to discuss current research activities and applications and to face future frontiers for the field of soft robotics. Read more
From 20/07/2015 to 24/07/2015
York, UK
The FET Proactive project PhyChip is organising a workshop and a special session at the European Conference on Artificial Life (ECAL). Read more
The Digital Champions (DC) Expert Group held its 8th meeting in Brussels on 25 February. The group exchanged views with VP A. Ansip and Commissioner G. H. Oettinger and were briefed on the Juncker investment plan, internet governance and Latvian Presidency priorities. Read more
The European Audiovisual Observatory will undertake a major study that will result in two unique publications on animation industry in Europe this year. This research will be carried out for the European Commission, the initiator of this project, to map out the landscape of the animation industry in Europe. Read more
From 04/03/2015 to 21/04/2015
The Computing Policies Secretariat of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) and Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa (RNP) (National Education and Research Network) publicised the Third Coordinated Call BR-EU in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Interested parties have until April 21 to submit proposals for technological development and innovation projects in the form and conditions laid down in the document. Read more
The discourse concerning computer ethics qualifies as a reference discourse for ethics-related Information Systems (IS) research. Theories, topics and approaches of computer ethics are reflected in IS. The paper argues that there is currently a broader development in the area of research governance, which is referred to as ‘responsible research and innovation’ (RRI). RRI applied to information and communication technology (ICT) addresses some of the limitations of computer ethics and points toward a broader approach to the governance of science, technology and innovation. Taking this development into account will help IS increase its relevance and make optimal use of its established strengths. Read more
The eEnviPer project has released a software that guarantees compliance with EU environmental law through a web platform and cloud technologies. The product is now ready for the market and Greece is going to adopt it. Read more
The technology behind the design of electric vehicles is ever improving and the EU predicts that these vehicles could be in mass production by 2020. By developing a completely new way of using information from GPS and location data shown by GSM, the EU DATA SIM project simulated the consequences of a massive switch to electric vehicles, and studied the impact on mobility and electricity distribution networks. Read more
Milan, Italy
The ACE Summit will introduce the most innovative ICT SMEs and startups selected by ACE to investors, mentors and potential partners in other European markets. Read more
The GET project is organizing two bootcamps on eHealth Innovation and business models during Med-e-Tel in Luxebourg and eHealthWeek in Riga. Read more