Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


From 28/07/2015 to 31/07/2015
Barcelona (ES)
The development of future real-world technologies will depend strongly on our understanding and harnessing of the principles underlying living systems and the flow of communication signals between living and artificial systems. Living Machines, organised by FET project CSNII, is a forum to discuss the development of novel technologies through the distillation of principles from the study of biological systems. Read more
From 10/11/2015 to 13/11/2015
Bari, Italy
The EGI Community Forum aims at gathering tool developers, infrastructure providers, data providers and research communities to work together towards open science. Read more
Quantum physics is helping researchers to better understand photosynthesis and olfaction Read more
Open Science is a broad term, covering the many exciting developments in how science is becoming more open, accessible, efficient, democratic, and transparent. This Open Science revolution is being driven by new, digital tools for scientific collaboration, experiments and analysis and which make scientific knowledge more easily accessible by professionals and the general public, anywhere, at any time. Read more
A participatory workshop on Quantum Technologies and Industry was held in Brussels on 6 May 2015. The aim was to identify what could be the markets for quantum technologies, and how these could be industrialised. The workshop report summarises the discussions and the action plan which emerged as a conclusion. Read more
From 07/07/2015 to 31/12/2015
This publication is made pursuant to Article 124.1 (b) of the Rules of Application of the Financial Regulation that provides for an ex-ante publication on the Institutions' websites of contracts with a value up to 60.000 EUR. Read more
From 01/06/2015 to 09/07/2015
The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) is conducting a study on eHealth Infrastructures and Services with a focus on cyber security. What will be the impact if an incident occurs? How resilient to power loss are these infrastructures? Please help ENISA by filling out the questionnaire. Read more
From 03/07/2015 to 01/09/2015
This mapping project aims at the development of an EU integrated monitoring platform that will aggregate and benchmark mapping measurements of the services provided by broadband networks, notably from two dimensions: Quality of service (QoS) (data on marketed speeds/quality) and Quality of Experience (QoE) (actual users experiences data to be pulled from crowdsourcing applications). Read more
From 06/07/2015 to 30/09/2015
The European Commission seeks the views of all interested parties on how to make Europe's audiovisual media landscape fit for purpose in the digital age. Read more
DRIHM, or the Distributed Research Infrastructure for Hydro-Meteorology, together with its US facing companion project, DRIHM2US, is a prototype research infrastructure for simulating extreme hydro-meteorological events such as flash flooding. Both projects enabled a step change in how scientists can approach studying high impact weather events: more functionality, more efficiency and faster results. Read more