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Kestutis Juskevicius is the Digital Champion of Lithuania. His priorities are to fight the shortage of digital skills, and to improve the level of ICT skills.

Kestutis Juskevicius is the Project Manager for Lithuanian National Library programme. His main priority as the Digital Champion for Lithuania is the shortage of digital skills amongst people, particularly students and young professionals.

"I would like to do incorporate ICT into our education system and make it more flexible, affordable, and effective. It should be a system that gives more opportunities to people, a system that gives them more chances to learn new ICT skills and to improve the skills they already have", Mr Juskevicius said.

"The new ICT training system I have in mind has to be able to create opportunities. It has to give people the possibility of being trained in more affordable ways, for example in small portions, through gradual steps. Finally, it has to be sustained by a credible certification system."

Mr Juskevicius said that such a system can only be created through partnerships between various private and public institutions. Therefore he works to strengthen the cooperation between the various actors and his main tool is the Lithuanian Grand Digital Coalition. The Coalition brings together representatives of various ministers with NGOs, companies and SMEs, which makes it the perfect place to organise discussions, fora, groups and activities.

"As a member of the related thematic group, I can have a direct impact on creating a plan to renew our training system, and that will be my primary task for 2014," Mr Juskevicius underlined.

Kestutis Juskevicius on his role and challenges ahead

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