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ODI Open Disruptive Innovation

Date: 10/10/2014 (11:30-13:00)

Presenting the focus on disruptive innovation in ICT and the continuously open process for submitting a proposal in ODI through the SME instrument. Startups and Innovative SMEs, in a single way or in a small group, are eligible for a two phase staged funding. The session will address the lessons learnt after the first months of implementation.

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Coordinator: Pierre MARRO (European Commission, DG CONNECT, Belgium)

Village: Content

Related booth: Innovation


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Paolo CERAVOLO, 08/10/2014 12:18

We are interested in the area and we would like to interact with potential proposers and the EC

We worked especially on a Recommender System for Collaborative Environments

Thank you

Paolo Ceravolo


SESAR Lab - Dipartimento di Informatica

Università degli Studi di Milano

26013 Crema (CR) – ITALY



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