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Women in ICT

Enabling women to enter ICT jobs will provide a boost to the EU economy. The aim is to provide women with digital skills, education and increase their participation in ICT.
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Only 30% of the around 7 million people working in the information and communication (ICT) sector are women. They are under-represented at all levels in the ICT sector, especially in decision-making positions. The ICT sector is rapidly growing, creating around 120 000 new jobs every year. Due to differences in demands and skills – and despite soaring unemployment – there may be a lack of 900 000 skilled ICT workers in 2020.

A study on women active in the ICT sector we published in October 2013, found that allowing more women to enter the digital jobs market can create an annual € 9 billion GDP boost in the EU area. A policy change is needed particularly because of an alarming drop in ICT female graduates (today only 29 out of every 1000 female graduate have a computing or related degree, and only 4 go on to work in ICT-related activities).

One way to reverse this trend is to encourage young people, and in particular women, to take up an ICT-related careers.

Starting on 6 March 2014, the European Commission launches a campaign to find and celebrate digital role models who could encourage young women and girls to study and to pursue careers in IT. We invite women (and men!) to create a video and share their own digital success story to inspire girls and women to think about tech.

Join us on the Every Girl Digital Facebook page with your story!

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Anni Hellman's picture
If we really want to bring more creativity and understanding to the world of ICT we need to involve more women. They can help to create a better and more collaborative environment where innovation & fresh thinking will flourish. This is why I support quotas for women in European ICT.
Robert Madelin's picture
For a long time, we have sought better representation of women experts speaking at tech events in Europe.
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