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Spider chart showing Lithuania's score in connectivity, human capital, digital public services, use of internet and integration of digital technology compared to the EU average score
Find here the most recent analysis and data by country. A selection of key documents and graphs are shown about topics such as broadband, internet activity and skills, egovernment, ICT in schools, research and innovation, as well as other main indicators.
Going local


Going Local Lithuania brings the European Commission's representatives to your country, Lithuania to communicate on the Digital Single Market Strategy in the local context. Information on events, local representation teams, reports on progress, challenges and debates in Lithuania on priority issues in this area will be updated here.
Digital Champion

Kestutis Juskevicius

Kestutis Juskevicius is the Digital Champion of Lithuania. His priorities are to fight the shortage of digital skills, and to improve the level of ICT skills.
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EU funded projects
EU funded projects

CEE and EU Development by Improving Start-up SUpport Ecosystem for take-up of FI-PPP results

Objectives of the CEED ISSUE project are:• on EU level to evolve the technological developments and trials taking place in FI-PPP phases one and two into seed-type activities generating actual take-up of innovative Internet services and applications.• on the CEE level to radi...

Large Scale Choreographies for the Future Internet

The CHOReOS project positions itself in the context of the Ultra-Large-Scale (ULS) Future Internet of software services. To address the challenges inherent of ULS as well as other key requirements of the Future Internet, such as fusion of the user/developer/system roles, adap...

Innovative Technologies for an Engaging Classroom

iTEC is a large-scale pilot involving up to 1,000 classrooms focused on Learning in the 21st Century and the design of the future classroom. Partners include 15 Ministries of Education, leading ICT vendors, innovative SMEs, TEL researchers, teacher educators and experts in sc...

Product and Process Design for AmI Supported Energy Efficient Manufacturing Installations

The aim is to enhance existing product/process design systems with features that will enable engineers to collaboratively design energy efficient and ecologically optimal discrete manufacturing processes, and generate appropriate extended monitoring and decision making servic...

BIsmide And Nitride Components for High temperature Operation

BIANCHO will develop photonic components designed to significantly reduce power consumption at the component and system level in advanced communication systems, thereby saving significant electricity, and enabling unlimited bandwidth through integration, more optical processi...