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  1. Mireille Hildebrandt

    Onlife, The Public(s) and Legal Protection by Design In my inaugural lecture I have reiterated the notion of a computational turn, referring to the novel layers of software that have nested themselves between us and reality. These layers of decisional alg ...

    Benoit Chleide - 02/07/2015 - 10:02

  2. Peter-Paul Verbeek

    Designing the Public Sphere: Information Technologies and the Politics of Mediation After a few decades of living with Information and Communication Technologies, we have gotten so used to their presence in our daily lives, that we hardly realize that the ...

    Benoit Chleide - 02/07/2015 - 10:13

  3. Sarah Oates

    From Creative Commons To Civilized Commons: The Need for an Onlife Manifesto There is an astonishing gap between how people perceive internet ‘freedom’ and the realities of the digital sphere in the 21st century. While the internet was fostered by an unpr ...

    Benoit Chleide - 02/07/2015 - 10:39

  4. May Thorseth

    Public Use of Reason: In reality, virtuality or fictitionality? There is a need for research to contribute to a better understanding of the Internet as a public space. The most pressing challenge is to create responsible Internet users. In this contributi ...

    Benoit Chleide - 02/07/2015 - 10:43

  5. Ugo Pagallo

    Good Onlife Governance: On Law, Spontaneous Orders, and Design The "Onlife Project" aims to shed light on how today’s information revolution is affecting our understanding about the world and about ourselves: We are interconnected informational ...

    Benoit Chleide - 02/07/2015 - 10:51

  6. Judith Simon

    Distributed Epistemic Responsibility in a Hyperconnected Era The challenge to locate responsibility in ever more entangled and dynamic socio-technical environments is a key concern of the ONLIFE Manifesto. This contribution focuses specifically on respons ...

    Benoit Chleide - 02/07/2015 - 10:57

  7. Yiannis Laouris

    Reengineering The Concept of Life and Reinventing in the Digital Era Laouris discusses two issues. His first section, Reengineering the Concept of Life in the Computational Era, argues that people alive today have witnessed scientific advances that have t ...

    Benoit Chleide - 02/07/2015 - 11:02

  8. Claire Lobet-Maris & Stefana Broadbent

    For a Grey Ecology The concept of grey ecology was introduced by P. Virilio in 2009, as a way of thinking of the byproducts of the digital revolution on the human mind. In his work on the dromosphere (the space of technological acceleration), Virilio argu ...

    Benoit Chleide - 02/07/2015 - 11:13

  9. Charles Ess

    Philosophical Backgrounds, and the Futures of Democracy Media Usages and Equality This contribution is made up of three sections. The first two sections (A, B) focus on who we are – and who we appear to be becoming – as human beings living in a hyperconne ...

    Benoit Chleide - 02/07/2015 - 11:24

  10. Jean-Gabriel Ganascia

    Views on and examples of Hyper-connectivity There can be no doubt that the information and communication technologies (ICT) deeply impact the human society. The difficulty in appraising their effect and anticipating the concomitant changes lies in the dep ...

    Benoit Chleide - 02/07/2015 - 11:34