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  1. Factsheet 71: Europeana- Our cultural heritage at the click of a mouse

    Share this 19/11/2008 factsheet in English) Europeana website More factsheets See also: Digital Libraries Initiative factsheet Living online Content and media Media Policies Digital Culture Factsheet Europeana, Europe’s ...

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  2. Factsheet 05: Bringing knowledge within reach

    Share this 03/10/2005 Full factsheet More information More Factsheets Living online Science and Technology Content and media Digital Culture Factsheet Multimedia and internet technologies are opening new pathways to lifelong learning in universities, scho ...

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  3. Factsheet 19: eContentplus- Making digital content in Europe more accessible and user friendly

    Share this 27/06/2006 Full factsheet More Factsheets Living online Telecoms and the Internet Telecoms Content and media Media Policies Digital Culture Factsheet The eContentplus programme focuses on stimulating the development of digital content for servi ...

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  4. Factsheet 24: Protecting Privacy and Fighting Spam

    Share this 01/01/2006 Full factsheet More Factsheets Trust & Reliance Telecoms and the Internet Telecoms Factsheet The EU’s ePrivacy Directive sets specific limits on how personal data can be stored and used, particularly when it comes to e-mail spam ...

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  5. Factsheet 18: Making the Internet a safer place

    Share this 11/03/2008 Full factsheet More information More Factsheets Trust & Reliance Telecoms and the Internet Telecoms Factsheet Using the Internet and other online technologies should be as safe as possible, particularly for children. The Safer In ...

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  6. Factsheet 69: Worried about kids playing video games? Look at the label! Better information and protection for users of interactive games

    Share this 31/10/2008 Full factsheet in English More factsheets Living online Trust & Reliance Content and media Media Policies Digital Culture Factsheet Video games are one of the favourite leisure activities of Europeans, regardless of age, educatio ...

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  7. Joint Statement EU-Japan: Future comprehensive cooperation in ICT

    Share this 03/05/2012 1  Policy issues regarding the Internet VP Kroes and Minister Kawabata both shared the view that the Internet can be an instrumental force for democratisation processes and plays a fundamental role for sustainable economic growth and ...

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  8. New strategy for safer internet and better internet content for children and teenagers

    Share this 02/05/2012 More information Pillar III: Trust & Security Pillar VI: Enhancing digital literacy, skills and inclusion Action 36: Support reporting of illegal content online and awareness campaigns on online safety for children Action 37: Fos ...

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  9. Benchmarking of Budget and Capabilities for the deployment and operation of Digital Services Infrastructures- SMART 2012/0058

    Share this 31/08/2012 In the framework of the Connecting Europe Facility initiative, EU Digital Services Infrastructures (DSIs) will be deployed and operated for delivering cross borders eServices to support the EU Digital single market. Learning from and ...

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  10. Factsheet 06: Towards 2010: Renewing Europe's Information Society Policy (pdf)

    Share this 01/09/2005 Full factsheet The final year of the eEurope 2005 Action Plan will provide a good opportunity to consider how European Information Society policy should evolve over the next five years if the EU is to reach its "Lisbon Goal" ...

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