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Roaming Tariffs

Thanks to EU roaming rules, the cost of making and receiving calls when abroad in the EU is now substantially cheaper than in 2007, when the EU first started to tackle excessive roaming charges.
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The maximum tariffs (excluding VAT) for calls, texts and downloading data are:


1 July 2012

1 July 2013

Since 1 July 2014

Outgoing voice calls (per minute)




Incoming voice calls (per minute)




Outgoing texts (per SMS message)




Online (data download, per MB*)




*The tariff is per Megabyte to download data or browse the Internet whilst travelling abroad (charged per Kilobyte used).

These price caps are the maximum permissible prices. Operators are free to offer cheaper rates, so be on the lookout for better deals!

Operators have to send users a warning when they reach 80% of their data-roaming bill limit and cut off the mobile internet connection once the limit has been reached, unless the customer has indicated they want to continue data roaming that particular month. Maximum end-user price cap for data roaming have been introduced at 20 cents per Megabyte.

Member States' national telecoms regulators must ensure that mobile phone operators comply with the new rules on data roaming and the lower prices of voice calls. Consumers can contact the national regulator in the Member State where their mobile operator is based if they have any problems or questions about the new limits.

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Last updated on 11/09/2015