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Research in eHealth

The European Union has supported research efforts in the field of eHealth for more than two decades now. The technologies developed in hundreds of projects have contributed to improving healthcare provision in many and varied areas. eHealth is a priority for EU research funding in the current Framework Programme (FP7) which runs until 2013.
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The EU’s Research and Development Framework Programmes bring together teams from different institutions and countries, ensuring that the best research brains combine their knowledge and experience to improve Europeans’ standard of living. The Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7) will continue these efforts over the years 2007 to 2013, with a total budget of more than €50 billion for the period.

eHealth research is being tackled under “Challenge 5 – ICT for Health, Ageing Well, Inclusion and Governance” within FP7’s Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) work programme. This challenge addresses advanced ICT research for sustainable high-quality healthcare, demographic ageing, social and economic inclusion, and the governance of our societies. Work in Challenge 5 focuses for ICT for Health part on:

  • Personal Health Systems (PHS): research that aims for disease management and also targets rehabilitation and treatment at the point of need with a focus on specific diseases.


  • Patient Guidance Services (PGS) to enable patients' active participation in care processes. A special emphasis will be given to semantic interoperability to enable integration of patient information from multiple sources and locations and to ubiquitous and secure access to these personal health records.


  • Virtual Physiological Human (VPH): research focused on more elaborate and reusable multi-scale models and a VPH information infrastructure of larger repositories. Preparatory actions will aim at a grand challenge on a "Digital Patient", being the integration of patient-specific models for better prediction and treatment of diseases.


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