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Projects in Sweden

Through a specification framework built on identified user requirements, the EuroRoadS project will prepare the ground for a pan-European road data infrastructure. It will be a key in the opening up o
The objective of the European Contact Portal (ECP) was to create more and better business opportunities, adding value to the process of European integration. Contact information is the key resource fo
There is an increasing interest in the real estate financial market, at least among consumers, in being able to carry out international transactions more frequently. This does, however, require the po
Road accidents involving pedestrians are far more frequent at night than during the day. More than 12000 pedestrians and cyclists are killed and almost 300000 are seriously injured in the EU every yea
The SOLID concept is to develop small solid-state hybrid systems capable of performing elementary processing and communication of quantum information. This involves design, fabrication and investigati
Everyone needs their voice, and speech has a pivotal function in modern society. A detailed, working model of the voice would contribute to the human atlas and would find profound applications in fiel
Heterogeneous multi-robot systems hold promise for achieving robustness by leveraging on the complementary capabilities of different agents and efficiency by allowing sub-tasks to be completed by the
Wireless sensor networks are expected to play a critical role in the next computing revolution of cooperating objects and smart embedded devices. However, industry adoption is hampered because sensor
ACTORS addresses design of resource-constrained software-intensive embedded systems with high requirements on adaptivity and efficiency. Three techniques will be combined: virtualization, feedback-bas
SAIL's objective is the research and development of novel networking technologies using proof-of-concept prototypes to lead the way from current networks to the Network of the Future. SAIL leverag