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Projects in Portugal

The INNOVATRIX project aimed to provide broader access to public industrial property data thus serving the innovation needs and creativity processes of SMEs. In this context, INNOVATRIX examined the v
This project is aimed at reducing the gap existing between entrepreneurs and investors by promoting the convergence and involvement of Venture Capitalists, Business Angels, Private Investors and Inter
MOnarCH targets (i) the development of a novel framework to model mixed human-robot societies, and (ii) its demonstration using a network of heterogeneous robots and sensors, in the pediatric area of
The objective of EnPROVE is to develop a software model for predicting the energy consumption of a specific building, with different scenarios implementing energy-efficient technologies and control so
UNITE develops a set of activities to reinforce the cooperation between research teams and improve the level of excellence of ICT research across an Enlarged Europe, in the federated theme of 'Future
The complete transition from analogue to the digital TV is planned in Europe for 2012. This will release significant amount of valuable spectrum in VHF/UHF bands. In fact, the Digital TV Switchover pr
Robot competitions have proved to be an effective instrument to foster scientific research and push the state of the art in a field. Teams participating in a competition must identify best practice so
Research into cognitive radio systems has matured and many FP7 projects and initiatives have provided proof of concept implementations, demonstrators and showcases. But to date, there are only few sta
Audio sensors are cheap and often easy to deploy and, with the growing power of processing and networking capabilities it is possible to exploit audio data for a broad range of applications. The untap
LifeSaver aims at supporting manufacturing companies in optimising the energy performance of their operations. This support will be in the form of a set of ICT building blocks that combine context awa