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Projects in Germany

The READY4GROWTH project addressed the challenge for effective business planning and the development of successful investment proposals by e-content companies in view of the lack of proven business mo
This project aims to provide a contribution in the context of pressing questions regarding consumer acceptability of rights management solutions for eContent. For this purpose INDICARE will establish
Problems for digital content (DC) business in Accession Countries (AC) include: underdeveloped (inter) national co-operation, public-private partnerships, and little acknowledgement of the importance
The project EUWAS focuses on the efficient use of existing public data for effective cross-border data management in the waste sector through establishing an assisting Internet platform. This approach
The MINDS project aimed at increasing the availability of mobile news content and improving opportunities for the localisation of mobile news content customised to highly specialised interests of targ
ETIS aims at overcoming restrictions for enterprises in accessing public tender information by developing an Internet based public tender information platform, especially focussing on the hardly acces
The user-centred eMarCon project implemented a platform allowing geographically distant European museums and their visitors to arrange and then experience common maritime exhibitions via the Internet.
The objective of the REMES project was to elaborate the organisational, financial and technological basis for a follow-up project aimed at the constitution of a multilingual electronic service centre
The SEMAFOUR project will design and develop a unified self-management system, which enables the network operators to holistically manage and operate their complex heterogeneous mobile networks. The u
In the aftermath of the PISA studies, which identified weaknesses of students in many European countries, especially in mathematics, the education of children in the elementary school grades has recei