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Completed Projects

Science transformed into interactive eContent. The Definition Phase Study 'Science-i' addressed Action Line 1 of the eContent Programme. Science-i explored how Public Sector Information (PSI), in particular geographical and environmental information
European training tools for e-Content start-ups and SMEs' expansion. The European market is characterised by low transparency and complexities leading to sub-optimal business plans and under-exploitation of capital for eContent ventures. The quality
Excellence in European eContent localisation. The EEEL project has improved knowledge and awareness of Best Practice for e-content localisation. It documented Best Practice through 15 to 20 in-depth Case Studies, which were developed in collaboration
Combining spatial and traffic eContent for regions of Europe. Over the last decade, the use of combined geographic and traffic digital content has gained an ever-increasing importance. Given the improvement of available IT solutions and Internet
eContent exposure and business opportunities. eEBO aimed to establish and co-ordinate a set of communication strategies, ranging from PR through mass media to one-to-one communication, in order to ensure the maximum impact and widest possible
Platform for information, collaboration and knowledge sharing. PICK developed and realised an action contributing to the implementation of the eContent programme as a whole. In order to provide added value for the eContent target audience and user
Knowledge support for legal enquiry. ADD-WIJZER demonstrated technology support for citizen and business access to legal information e-content via intermediaries. A consortium of government agencies, e-content suppliers with established relationships
Actions for Investment Readiness for eContent Enterprises. By addressing the perceived barriers to « Investment Readiness », AIRE gives the possibility to improve the potential of SMEs in the digital Content industries to achieve successful access
European knowledge centre for growth and investment readiness of digital content businesses. The READY4GROWTH project addressed the challenge for effective business planning and the development of successful investment proposals by e-content
Cross-border meteorological information service. eMeteoSrv was a feasibility study conducted under Action Line 1.1 of the eContent programme. The ultimate outcome of the project was the business plan for implementation and deployment of advanced