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Completed Projects

makeSense: Easy Programming of Integrated Wireless Sensor Networks. Wireless sensor networks are expected to play a critical role in the next computing revolution of cooperating objects and smart embedded devices. However, industry adoption is
Engineering Proprioception in Computing Systems. The EPiCS project aims at laying the foundation for engineering the novel class of pro-prioceptive computing systems. Pro-prioceptive computing systems collect and maintain information about their
TEstbed for Future Internet Services. The flourishing of user drove demand, the heterogeneity of networks, the multiplicity of new devices, all mean that the Internet as we know it is reaching a saturation point. One of the main challenges of Future
Future Internet Research and Experimentation SupporT AcTION. FIRE STATION provides the globally known FIRE (Future Internet Research and Experimentation) Initiative with an active hub that matches, guides and coordinates demand and offering of
SmartSantander. SmartSantander proposes a unique in the world city-scale experimental research facility in support of typical applications and services for a smart city. Tangible results are expected to greatly influence definition and specification
Open Flow in Europe: Linking Infrastructure and Applications. The aim of the OFELIA project is to create a unique experimental facility that allows researchers to not only experiment 'on' a test network but to control the network itself precisely and
Cooperative Networking for High Capacity Transport Architectures. CONECT proposes a holistic network design approach that drastically enhances performance in wireless networks by unlocking the hidden potential of the broadcast wireless medium.
Future Internet Research and Experimentation By Adopting Living Labs - towards Smart Cities. The over-all objective of the FIREBALL project is to coordinate and align methodologies and approaches in the domains of Future Internet (FI) research and
Advanced Autonomous Model-Based Operation of Industrial Process Systems. This project aims at improving the operational efficiency of large-scale dynamic plants as found in petrochemical, chemical and other process industries. Costs related with
Multidisciplinary networking of research communities in FIRE. The objective of the MyFIRE project is - the multidisciplinary networking of research communities addressing both technological, socio-economical and environmental aspects of the Future