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Private Commitments with Startup Europe

"The ICT sector is the new backbone of Europe's economy, and together we can prevent a lost generation and an uncompetitive Europe. So I am expecting concrete pledges by companies, everyone I meet will be getting the same request. The Commission will do its bit but we can't do it alone – companies, social partners and education players – including at national and regional level - have to stand with us". Neelie Kroes.
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The Commission issued a call to action to companies, governments, educators, social partners, employment service providers and civil society to join them in a massive effort to allow young Europeans to have the tools to enter digital careers or to create jobs as entrepreneurs.

How to make a pledge to Startup Europe?

The procedure to help or contribute to Startup Europe is very simple. First, fill in the pledge form and send us an email. We are asking for a measurable pledge.

If you pledge is relevant for Startup Europe, we will contact you to clarify any question. Once an agreement is reached, it will be published in the Startup Europe webpage. From that moment on, the pledger can start stating that the action is a pledge to the EU initiative Startup Europe.

Examples of ideas for pledges

  1. Executives of corporations offering hours of mentoring
  2. Open office hours
  3. Assistance in monetisation capabilities
  4. Places for serendipity
  5. Access to office spaces (startup zones)
  6. Funding to startups in early stage
  7. Training for founders
  8. Activities to encourage people to become entrepreneurs
  9. Connecting geeks with founders

Current pledges

  • Campus Party Europe: Pledge from Telefonica, the biggest technology festival in the world for the youngsters who might become Web Entrepreneurs. Amount of youngsters benefiting from this pledge ± 8,000
  • Startup Europe Partnership: The Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) aims at creating a european startup identity and network for startups, providing communities all around Europe with resources, services and information to help them grow. This pledge is stil in preparation.
  • Microsoft pledges:
    • is a platform, a community and a collection of 2.0 initiatives enabling massive entrepreneurship support by the entrepreneurs themselves. Amount of entrepreneurs benefiting from the pledge ± 80.
    • Microsoft BizSpark is a global program that helps startups grow into successful businesses through software support and a vibrant ecosystem that delivers superior business advantage.
    • Located at the heart of the European Institutions in Brussels (next to the European Parliament), the new Microsoft Executive Briefing Center offers a platform to engage in executive and structural ways with European Government Officials, Public Sector & Education customers and industry partners. This pledge from Microsoft aims at developing a free startup zone for entrepreneurs to organise meetings, meet-up, information sessions, demonstrations of technologies, etc. Amount of startups benefiting from the pledge ± 50
  •  Startup Europe Center of Excellence: This Center of Excellence is a pledge from Telefonica and the Lisbon Council. The aim is to establish a new Entrepreneurship Indicator in an effort to provide startups with thought leadership and research insights

Other Commitments

  • Telefónica  and The Lisbon Council:
    • StartUp Europe Index, a one-of-its-kind mapping of European start-up ecosystems, which includes an analysis of the different start-up accelerators and incubators across Europe; a research on their funding activities, service provision, acceleration strategies, key sectors, public-private partnerships, as well as policy recommendations on their “quality standards” and the need for a new policy framework that unleashes the entrepreneurial mindset in Europe.  Accelerator and Incubator Ecosystem in Europe.
    • StartUp Europe Forum at Campus Party 2013, a policy day organized in collaboration between Telefónica and The Lisbon Council held on 2nd September, during the week of Campus Party, at the Greenwich Council’s Mitre Passage. A glimpse of the event is available online.


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