Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

Morpheus Cup: Europe’s First Higher Education Digital Championship

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In this competition, under the patronage of Vice-President of the European Commission Andrus Ansip, students from 47 education establishments in 17 European countries will take part in the European final in Luxembourg.

Connected Communities Initiative

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The European Commission has launched the Connected Communities Initiative, a public call for expressions of interest for broadband projects interested in the use of financial instruments. Connected Communities aim to gather information from the market about existing connectivity projects that seek to provide high-speed broadband (30 Mbps and above) and are currently under consideration by public and private promoters, in particular regional and local decision makers.

Time-of-Flight based on Single-Photon detectors: a long journey from the lab to the market

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Starting from a "crazy" and risky research idea explored in a Future and Emerging Technologies project, a team successfully transferred the developed technology, now used for a wide set of applications (from better mobile phones images to medical imaging), to industry and to a start-up.

Round table discussion on digital regulatory policy

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German high-ranking representatives from politics, economy, science and civil society, met on 13 May to discuss consumer and data protection in the digital world. The meeting looked more deeply into a new study that reviews the regulatory challenges of digital markets and suggests a stronger use of alternative instruments of regulation.

Information Day on FET Open call

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FET (Future and Emerging Technologies) is organising an Information Day for the FET Open call for Research and Innovation Actions. Next call cut-off date is 29 September 2015.

Food for thoughts

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How safe is what we eat? Can we certify food production? Photonics is increasingly dealing with such themes, which are currently also being debated at the World Expo 2015.

Lightening the load - National experiences and best practices for a new EU better law-making agreement

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This conference aims to provide concrete recommendations for a new agreement that ensures “better rules for better results” without imposing excessive or unnecessary burdens on businesses.

Enabling digital data exchange across borders and sectors: The European Commission signed an agreement with OpenPEPPOL

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The European Commission and OpenPEPPOL are joining forces to support the uptake of secure electronic data exchange across borders. Both signed an agreement, where the Commission will host a central service of the eDelivery network, while OpenPEPPOL will continue to manage the business-related governance of the network in the e-procurement domain.

Smart Anything Everywhere: First calls for experimentation are open

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Through the 'Smart Anything Everywhere' (SAE) initiative, any object around us can become a 'smart' product able to take decisions automatically thanks to microchips hidden inside. 26 million euros are now available through 2 open calls, for more details check out this blog post.

Privacy, supply chains and digital inclusion - Deutsche Telekom published its 13th Corporate Responsibility Report

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Telekom has been providing extensive information to the general public about its objectives, its activities and the progress made in the relevant economic, ecological and social areas as part of corporate responsibility (CR) reporting since 1996.