Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

Debriefing session following the Communications Committee (COCOM) meeting of 6 March 2015

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Representatives of network operators, service providers, users, consumers, manufacturers, trade unions, third countries and international organisations, are invited to a short debriefing session following the Communications Committee (COCOM) meeting on Friday 6 March 2015.

Markku Markkula is the new Vice-Chairman of the Open Innovation Group (OISPG)

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Markkula has been also elected President of the European Committee of Regions (CoR)! Given his professional trajectory in a number of innovative bodies, it is expected that he will make innovation one of CoR's new priorities

DESI 2015 Country Profiles

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The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) is a composite index that summarises relevant indicators on Europe’s digital performance and tracks the evolution of EU member states in digital competitiveness.

Innovating Environmental Compliance Assurance: Novel Insights and Approaches from Social Sciences

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This 2-day conference will discuss how new technologies, data systems and social innovations can improve the environmental performance by giving the opportunity to design better rules and therefore better laws by increasing both- human and environmental benefits.

Report on Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) and innovation workshop

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On 5 February 2015, a participatory workshop on FET and innovation gathered about fifty participants, with the aim to identify possible actions to foster an appropriate innovation eco-system around FET projects and actors.

Image sensors that behave like biological retinas - SEEBETTER

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Biological visual organs have unique capabilities for the processing of information not matched by electronic devices.The SEEBETTER Future and Emerging Technologies project works in finding ways to bridge this gap and the development of "silicon retinas".

Internet of Things– A Deeper Dive

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The Workshop on the “Internet of Things – A Deeper Dive”, held on 16 December in Brussels, brought together experts from several communities, in particular the Internet of Things (IoT) and Embedded Systems communities, with the intention of creating an ecosystem to support future developments in IoT. A key aim was to avoid research and development silos being created when there are clear overlaps and possible synergies between the areas being addressed. The meeting highlighted that there was huge potential for creation of new products and services across domains exploiting IoT technologies.

GENESI: Safe public infrastructure… for life!

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European researchers have developed a wireless sensor system to monitor the safety of large infrastructure. The new system will not only potentially save lives when the structure is old, it is reducing costs during construction, too. Other previously unimagined applications of this new technology are also possible: monitoring transport of artworks or of an Alpine railway line vulnerable to landslides.

EU supported films in Oscar race

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Six of the films competing for an Oscar in 2015 have been supported by the EU's Creative Europe programme. The six films are in total honoured with ten Oscar nominations in seven categories. The winners of the 87th Annual Academy Awards will be announced on 22 February.

Conclusions on 'High Performance Computing: Europe's place in a Global Race'

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The Council of the European Union welcomes the attention brought to the issue of High Performance Computing and takes note of the great emphasis placed by the Commission on the strategic nature of HPC for the EU, advocating a renewed European strategy in HPC and proposing an action plan to position the EU as a centre of innovation, a hub of scientific excellence and a global partner;