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Study on the changing role of Intellectual Property in the semiconductor industry – including non-practicing entities

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A study has been carried out for the European Commission on the changing role of Intellectual Property (IP) in the semiconductor industry. The study builds on the results of a limited series of interviews and the response to a questionnaire distributed amongst a wider group of actors in the value chain. The analysis confirms that IP is very important within the value chain.

Andrus Ansip Startup Europe Tour

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In order to promote the European entrepreneurs and startups community, Andrus Ansip is inviting aspiring or promising entrepreneurs to join the Startup Europe Tour: be connected, network, be inspired at the leading tech conferences. We want thought leaders and innovative entrepreneurs from many of the world's top technology companies to get together and share ideas, visions, dreams…

Towards a European data-driven economy: Zypries and Commissioner Oettinger speak at Smart Data Conference in Berlin

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Brigitte Zypries, parliamentary state secretary at the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, and Commissioner Günther Oettinger are today discussing Europe's way towards a digital data economy at a conference on Smart Data in Berlin.

European Commission demands that the German regulator sets fixed termination rates based on the recommended most efficient methodology

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Following a three-month in-depth investigation the Commission issued a recommendation concluding that the German regulator (BNetzA) does not follow the EU recommended approach for the calculation of fixed termination rates (FTRs). The adoption of rates based on the proposed methodology would mean that a German consumer would pay 200% more for the fixed telephony services than the consumers just across the border.

CloudOpting Day at SMAU Turin (IT)

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At this conference the EU-funded CIP project Cloudopting (innovative cloud-based services through an open platform) will be presented to companies and public administrations. During the afternoon session CSI-Piemonte will highlight Piedmont Best Practices carried out in Italy and Europe, such as EU energy projects NRG4Cast and Dimmer, Opticities and Alpin Space Alpinfonet projects on mobility and sustainable transport, Internet of Things and Cloud Smart Data platform experience in the Piedmont Region.

4th Generation Electric Vehicles

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The Cluster “4th Generation Electrical Vehicle (EV)” is organising an event which aims to synchronize on and conjointly promote research and development (R&D) on the electric vehicle. Increased synergies, deepened impact, high visibility are the driving forces behind the cluster “4th Generation EV” and the events it is promoting.

Motivated, bright PhD students to participate at the 11th International Nanotechnology conference on Communication and Cooperation

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6 PhD students have been selected to attend the 11th International Nanotechnology conference on Communication and Cooperation (INC 11) in Japan. They will have the opportunity to experience the big picture of nano-electronics and nanotechnologies and the revolution they bring in smart mobility and robotics as well as discover more about the Japanese national-research-programmes.

Ex-ante publicity for low-value contracts between EUR 15.000 and EUR 60.000 - Development Leader – Project Editor for EC code of conduct on mobile health apps

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This publication is made pursuant to Article 124.1 (b) of the Rules of Application of the Financial Regulation that provides for an ex ante publication on the Institutions' websites of contracts with a value up to 60.000 EUR.

‘Excellent’ rating for Presto4U at final EU review

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EU-funded project Presto4U has just had its final review. The project had two main goals: to identify useful research results in the digital Audiovisual preservation domain and to raise awareness and improve adoption of these results, by technology and service providers as well as media owners. The core group of 14 PrestoCentre member organisations can be very proud: all objectives and goals were achieved, and even exceeded expectations.