Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

Reports and studies about EC Open Datasets

Here you can find broadband, fixed and mobile telephony, broadcasting and bundled services indicators; as well as financial indicators on telecom Read more
The European Commission published a study on the "ePrivacy Directive: assessment of transposition, effectiveness and compatibility with proposed Data Protection Regulation" (SMART 2013/0071). Read more
Final study report explores how examples of open innovation can be used to direct information and communications technology (ICT) public policy, two innovation Challenges were run as part of the project. A thought-leader workshop was then held to discuss the outcomes and implications of the Challenges, and explore how crowdsourcing can be more widely used in public policy and the potential for up-scaling. Read more
The inventory includes data on 295 patents and 18,158 publications resulting from FP7 funded projects in the field of ICT (ICT theme within Cooperation Programme and eInfrastructures within Capacities Programme). Read more
This report presents the latest statistics of European broadband markets including the number of subscriptions of fixed and mobile broadband, data on competition, broadband speeds as well as Next Generation Access technologies. Read more
This study presents a very comprehensive assessment of retail fixed broadband access prices for a variety of broadband offerings including standalone and bundled services for eight speed categories. Read more
This study monitors the progress on the broadband coverage objectives of the Digital Agenda (basic broadband access for all by 2013 and high speed broadband access with at least 30 Mbps download speed for all by 2020), i.e. the household coverage of different fixed and wireless broadband technologies with a special focus on Next Generation Access technologies. Read more
The focus of this European wide study is to quantify the amount of public procurement of R&D, ICT and ICT related R&D across Europe and develop guidelines for a measurement framework to continue to do so in the future. Read more
The study investigates how the provision of online information on energy efficiency of household products can be improved to promote energy efficient product choices, in the context of current energy labelling legislation and the differences between offline and online retailing. The research was conducted by Ecorys, CentERdata and GfK. Read more