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The study 'Benchmarking of Safer Internet policies in Member States' took place in the context of the European strategy for a Better Internet for Children (BIK). The main objective was to provide a comprehensive analysis of how BIK related challenges are addressed in policies and initiatives, and to develop a sustainable benchmarking tool - the "BIK Map" for future policy work on European level. Read more
The 'Silver Economy' covers a host of different but interlinked strands; together these can improve the quality of life and inclusion in society and involvement in economic activity of the ageing population through developing innovative policies, products and services to meet their needs, bringing more growth and jobs. The concept has been emerging over the years, and recently gathered momentum with the European Commission's first paper on the topic. Read more
The online catalogue featuring the exhibitors present at ICT 2015 has been published. Read more
The first Work Programme of Horizon 2020 invited proposals for Research and Innovation projects in the areas of cloud computing (ICT-07) and software technologies (ICT-09). In addition, innovation and entrepreneurship support in the context of cloud computing was addressed in ICT- 35f through the creation of a network of procurers that will define an innovation procurement roadmap. Finally, a coordinated call with Japan (EUJ-1) focused on technologies combining big data and the Internet of Things in the cloud. Altogether, the selected projects represent a critical mass of research and innovation activities to keep Europe at the forefront of the developments in cloud computing and software technologies. Read more
The Brochure published recently summarise the first successes of the ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs (I4MS) Initiative. Read more
The Innovation Radar (IR) is a DG Connect support initiative that focuses on the identification of high-potential innovations in the ICT FP7, CIP and H2020 projects and the key organization in delivering these innovations to the market. Read more
Digital Assembly took place in Riga, 17-18 June 2015. It featured inspirational speeches by successful entrepreneurs and public authorities, networking opportunities and workshops. Read more
This requires investment in ICT infrastructures such as cloud computing and Big Data; research and innovation to boost industrial competiveness; and an inclusive society, with better public services and better digital skills for citizens. Read more
Innovators need the right conditions for their new products. They require high-speed, secure and trustworthy infrastructure, supported by the right regulatory conditions for investment, fair competition and a level playing field. Read more
Consumers want to access digital goods and services across borders. Business would profit more. Facilitating this transaction is one of the objectives of the Digital Single Market Commission proposal. A truly Single Market exists in the physical world but not yet in the digital world. Let's make it happen! Read more