Digital Agenda for Europe
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This workshop will show new technological solutions to improve clinical care and patient quality of life in advanced liver disease. It will showcase recently developed technologies and participants will learn how these new technologies could fit into current and future clinical practice. Read more
Riga, Latvia
The session, organised by the EU-funded project INCA, will raise awareness about how innovative cloud-based tools for integrated care (INCA) solutions can help healthcare providers solve some of the most pressing problems of an ageing population and increasing numbers of people with chronic conditions – and will be of interest to all those with a stake in chronic disease prevention, from healthcare professionals to policymakers alike. Those participating in this session will get an opportunity to discuss the current healthcare climate, how the patient perceives the care s/he is receiving and the role of ICT in the promotion of new models and key indicators for improvement. Read more
This conference, organised by the European Commission, will look at the issue of how to practically leverage public and private financial instruments and maximise synergies in the area of active and healthy ageing. In particular, the Conference will focus on the EU financial instruments, on the Investment plan for Europe, on the joint-procurement of innovative solutions, and on new ways of public-private co-investments in health. Read more
Permanent Representation of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia to the European Union, 47 Rue Montoyer, 1000 Brussels
The conference will look into the issues of open innovation and digital education in European schools. Discussion will focus on the alignment between policy and practice to support the implementation of action 68 of the Digital Agenda for Europe as it was realised within the Open Discovery Space flagship project. Read more
From 11/11/2015 to 13/11/2015
Athens, Greece
The European Conference on Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is the prime venue for research on Ambient Intelligence with an international and interdisciplinary character. It brings together researchers from the fields of science, engineering, and design working towards the vision of Ambient Intelligence which represents a future where we shall be surrounded by invisible technological means, sensitive and responsive to people and their behavior, deliver advanced functions, services and experiences. Read more
The Gateone project is dedicated to support European SMEs to benefit from this market opportunity in selecting the right technologies to adapt and adopt. The gateone project is offering to European SMEs a free evaluation program of demonstrators developed by leading European research centers. On the 28th of April at 1:00 PM CEST, Gateone will hold its first webinar. Invited key speakers will share with participants their expertise in key success factors to develop business including market opportunities, product development approach, state of the art technologies, and accessible funding. Read more
From 12/10/2015 to 15/10/2015
In 2015, the EPoSS Annual Forum and the MNBS Consultation and Concertation Workshop will be organised (for the second time) as one joint event. MNBS is a cluster of projects targeting systems and applications that have, or interact with, biological components. EPoSS is an industry-driven policy initiative, defining research, development and innovation needs as well as policy requirements related to Smart Systems Integration and integrated Micro- and Nanosystems. Read more
Palais d’Egmont, Brussels
In view of the expected better regulation package, this “meet the experts” session of the 2015 European Business Summit will focus on how to improve EU law making. Read more
SMAU - Turin Lingotto Fiere
At this conference the EU-funded CIP project Cloudopting (innovative cloud-based services through an open platform) will be presented to companies and public administrations. During the afternoon session CSI-Piemonte will highlight Piedmont Best Practices carried out in Italy and Europe, such as EU energy projects NRG4Cast and Dimmer, Opticities and Alpin Space Alpinfonet projects on mobility and sustainable transport, Internet of Things and Cloud Smart Data platform experience in the Piedmont Region. Read more
From 26/05/2015 to 27/05/2015
Frank Stronach Institut (FSI), Inffeldgasse 11, 8010 Graz, Austria
The Cluster “4th Generation Electrical Vehicle (EV)” is organising an event which aims to synchronize on and conjointly promote research and development (R&D) on the electric vehicle. Increased synergies, deepened impact, high visibility are the driving forces behind the cluster “4th Generation EV” and the events it is promoting. Read more