Digital Agenda for Europe
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Multi-stakeholder platform for digital literacy and e-Inclusion

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Below is one of the winning ideas of the Digital Agenda Stakeholder Day. It will be developed by interested stakeholder groups and you can join their community of interest.

Dear Stakeholders, DAA Workshop participants, Member State representatives and digital literacy enthusiasts,

Welcome to your new Online Community! After a very dynamic Workshop on Digital Literacy and eInclusion on June 17th, 2011, we received numerous comments and requests for further engagement between workshop participants and other interested parties. In order to get the discussion started, you can download below the final report from the Digital Agenda Assembly. You can express your opinions using the comment form, and later on you will also be able to vote on other people's comments. Moreover, the comments will be used as the basis to build a draft roadmap to be presented at the Gdansk Conference on Innovation for Digital Inclusion (October 5-7, 2011)! You can now provide direct input to the roadmap.

We are happy to announce that this page will be gradually re-made in order to give you space and tools to :

  • Connect to other stakeholders
  • Learn about new developments in the field
  • Discuss practical solutions
  • Comment on and publish documents and papers
  • And many more!

What is the multi-stakeholder platform?

Europe requires educated e-citizens to ensure future competitiveness and innovation. To approach this issue, a spectrum of actions are needed: enhancing basic digital literacy and e-Inclusion among all citizens and bridging the digital divide; ensuring citizens have the right ICT skills for their jobs, through to educating and training effective, high level ICT professionals. Numerous actions are already launched by many stakeholders tackling the issues from various perspectives, including teachers, parents, trainers, carers and other key ‘gatekeepers’ of digital literacy.

This initiative is a mechanism to enhance cooperation and exchange between education and training, ICT industry and industry federations, international, national and local government, NGOs and all other relevant stakeholders. The action should include awareness-raising based on a personalized view of the benefits of ICT, access to training opportunities, policy and practice exchange, online resources underpinned by a pan-EU network of experts active in the field.

Links and Documents

Primary contact:
Alexa JOYCE (European Schoolnet, Belgium)

Contact in the Commission:
Paul TIMMERS (European Commission, DG INFSO - ICT addressing Societal Challenges, Belgium)


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