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The digital world opens opportunities for all, but what about social exclusion, fraud and other online problems? the European Commission aims at improving security when surfing the web and enhancing confidence and inclusion.
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Europe is an online continent - over half of all EU citizens use the Internet every day, and three quarters of households have Internet access. This brings unparalleled new opportunities for people of all ages, but real-world problems of social exclusion, fraud and abuse also exist online.

The European Union is tackling these challenges, and ensuring that European citizens and businesses can take full advantage of the digital world.

  • Better internet for kids: The Commission is working with social networking sites, the internet industry, parents, and other groups to build a better internet for kids. The Safer Internet Programme funds projects which empower and protect children and young people online
  • e-Inclusion: many people lack the skills, confidence or opportunities digital technologies to the full. Europe's e-Inclusion policy ensures that no one is left behind and promotes the use of ICTs to overcome exclusion, and improve employment opportunities, quality of life, social participation and cohesion.
  • Trust services and eId: a reliable system of electronic signatures that work across EU countries is vital for safe electronic commerce and efficient delivery of online public services
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Joran Frik's picture
Joran FRIK
European Commission and Member States organised an event bringing together the private sector to consider how best to benefit from the new Regulation on Electronic Identification and Trust Services (eIDAS). The "Gatsby" style Metropole Hotel provided a great backdrop for an open discussion about how to work together.
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