Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative


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The event was organised around

1. A meeting with Departmental Officials and members of the Next Generation Broadband Taskforce. Consideration was given to the possibility of Commission officials giving a presentation on the availability of possible future EU and EIB funding.

2. A site visit to Exemplar, with scheduled meetings with Exemplar clients which have innovative products being tested at the Exemplar facility. The technology behind the Exemplar (Optical-burst Packet Switching and Transport – OPST) is an Irish developed technology which places Ireland in a leading global position in this aspect of energy-efficient, fast data and image transfer using photonics (light). The Test-bed, a next generation, optical communications test infrastructure, which is 100% owned by the State, will be used by multinational and indigenous companies to test and develop a wide range of next generation products and services in areas such as data centre services, cloud computing, virtualisation, smart grids, next generation video and high speed high bandwidth on demand services.

3. An open session on Digital Inclusion the proposals of which are currently being formulated by the Department.


  • Going Local 2011: Session on Digital Inclusion (24/10/2011)
  • Going Local 2011, Dublin (24/10/2011)

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Commission representation office

Country team

Commission Country team leader: Anthony WHELAN (European Commission)

Digital Agenda High Level Group member: Des HACKETT (Permanent Representation of Ireland to the EU, Ireland)



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