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Grand Coalition - Pledge of the Municipality of Halmstad, Sweden

To cater for easy and safe public eService that creates benefit, the Municipality of Halmstad (Sweden) will provide 94 000 citizens and 6500 employees with the opportunity to further enhance digital skills and upon successful completion of the ICT training, a token of digital skills, eMedborgaren/eMedarbetaren certification.
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The eGovernment Working Group of Halmstad is a local coalition of stakeholders, convened in January 2012 by the Halmstad City Council, addressing the digitalisation and modernisation of local public services.

The Working Group manages an eGovernment Framework enabling local public service providers the opportunity to modernise local public services. The framework rests on four mutually dependent foundations (i) deliverables, (ii) tools, (iii) organisation and (iv) skills. To cater for easy and safe public eService that create benefit, the foundations in general and skills in specific have to be given special attention.

To address the lack of and the change of skills required for the digitalisation of society, the Municipality of Halmstad welcomes the Grand Coalition partnership and the opportunity to participate in a multi-stakeholder partnership facilitating collaboration among private and public actors.

As a partner of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, the Municipality of Halmstad invites all the 94 000 citizens of Halmstad to take part in the eSkills initiative, eMedborgaren, and the 6500 employees of the Municipality of Halmstad to take part in the eSkills initiative, eMedarbetaren. These eSkills initiatives are offered in 2013 - 2016 by the Municipality of Halmstad. Participation in the eSkills initiative will provide the citizens of Halmstad and the employees of the Municipality of Halmstad with the opportunity to further enhance their digital skills and on successful completion of the study and the exam, a token of their digital skills, eMedborgaren/eMedarbetaren certification.

The targets by 2017 are:

  • 90% of the colleagues should be eMedarbetaren certified.
  • 20% of the citizens should have covered 80% of eMedborgaren.

Through this pledge the Municipality of Halmstad commits itself to the above targets, to launch a local multi-stakeholder partnership among private and public actors to take action improving digital skills and to communicate its experiences within the European Union at large.


Last updated on 17/06/2015