Digital Agenda for Europe
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Frequently asked questions

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What is the Digital Agenda for Europe?

The Digital Agenda for Europe is the European Union's roadmap for bringing the benefits of a digital society and economy to Europe's citizens. This can only be delivered upon if the relevant stakeholders are involved in assessing identifying the challenges and implementing the solutions.

What is the Digital Agenda Assembly?

The Digital Agenda Assembly is an annual policy event assessing progress and identifying challenges for the Digital Agenda for Europe. It provides an opportunity for discussion and networking amongst Information Society stakeholders, bringing together in Brussels representatives of: European Union institutions, other authorities from Europe and beyond, civil society, industry and other constituencies, in view to strengthen cooperation around the Digital Agenda.

The Digital Agenda Assembly 2012 will be the second one. Contributions will input into the ongoing policy debate in preparation for the review of the DAE foreseen by the end of 2012.

What happened at the 1st Digital Agenda Assembly in 2011?

Last year the Assembly was a very successful event that gathered more than 1600 participants in Brussels. Full results are available online.

Is there a theme for the Assembly 2012; who are the speakers?

The focus of this year's Assembly is 'Digital Growth'. More information is available on the speakers, plenary and workshop pages

How can I participate?

Online: you can contribute via a dedicated policy engagement platform, allowing for contributions to all the Assembly workshops as well as other possibilities for interaction. This will provide input for the preparation of the Digital Agenda mid-term review, the adoption of which is foreseen later in 2012.
Onsite: participation will be more limited than last year and the places available will be granted by invitation only, based on the value of the contributions to the online discussions, the workshops and the plenary.
If you have received an invitation please see below.

When and where will the onsite meetings take place and what will the onsite event consist of?

The event takes place in Brussels, at the EU Institutions premises: 1st day (Thursday 21st of June) at the Committee of the Regions and European Economic and Social Committee (both based at Rue Belliard 101, Brussels) and the 2nd day (Friday 22nd of June) at the European Parliament (entrance from the Place de Luxembourg).

The DAA 2012 will be structured around 8 workshops on key Digital Agenda topics on the 1st day, and plenary sessions on the 2nd day. Further details are available on the website. The programme of the Assembly can be found here.
Entry will start at 8:00 AM on Thursday and 7:45 AM on Friday; please come in early to help speed up the access and security control process.

Terms and conditions of WiFi use in the European Parliament (EN, FR and DE version).

Is registration necessary after receiving the invitation?

Yes. Every participant has to register in order to access the event venue. Security requirements are high and certain personal data (i.e. date of birth, nationality, passport or id number) are required in order to grant you access to the event. This information needs to be provided well in advance of the event.

How can I register to the event after receiving an invitation?

The invitation contains a link to the online registration page. Here, you will register your event preferences and indicate the workshop you will attend, if any, along with any other preferences. The data you provide will be included on your personalised badge.

What does it cost to take part at the Assembly?

The event is free for all those received a personal invitation to access the venue. Participants are expected to cover the cost of their travel and accommodation arrangements, unless notified otherwise.

Can I participate as a speaker?

Workshop speakers will be identified by the workshop organizers. You may ask them whether it will be possible to participate as a speaker.
How can I find out who else is participating and get in contact with other participants?
a) Public Profile: People who register to attend the event after receiving an invitation and create a public profile can interact with other people having also a public profile in the registration system.
b) Engagement platform: It will be possible to contact and interact with other online participants via the engagement platform.
What if I have special needs?
If you have special needs, please indicate this clearly to the workshop organizers or send an email to the functional mailbox: The event venue is accessible to those with special needs. The plenary session will provide interpretation in sign language and velotyping will be available. Workshop organizers need to know whether their workshop has special accessibility or interpretation requirements and we will do our utmost to meet these requests. In terms of dietary special needs, please inform us using the above mentioned functional mailbox account ( well in advance of the Assembly, stating clearly your needs and preferences.
Who can I contact if I have questions about the workshop?
You should contact the workshop coordinator, whose name is shown on the webpage of each workshop.
Who can I contact if I have questions about the event?
You should send your requests/questions to the functional mailbox account and it will be dealt with as soon as possible.




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