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Statistical review of journalism and media sector in the European Union
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In 2009, the European Parliament suggested a preparatory action for a new EU programme provisionally called "Erasmus for journalists". The working hypothesis behind the proposal was that a journalists' mobility scheme could boost media pluralism. 

Following this suggestion, the European Commission launched a feasibility study to explore the practicalities and the potential impacts of such a programme.

The first part of the study was finalised in February 2011. It analysed the proposed programme and elaborated an implementation plan. After examination of the results, and taking of a wide range of considerations into account, it was decided not to create an additional structure overlapping the very well-known Erasmus programme.

The second part of the study, called "Statistical review of journalism and media sector in the European Union", finalised in March 2011, provides rich and detailed background information on the current circumstances of journalists and journalism in the EU.  

This part of the study covers three main aspects:

  • the professional situation of journalists,
  • the state of European news media, and
  • the European dimension of journalism and news media.

The two parts of the study were prepared by The Evaluation Partnership (TEP) (UK), with the European Journalism Centre (NL) and Economisti Associati (IT).

Last updated on 02/03/2015