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eHealth Experts

The European Commission created two expert groups working on eHealth: an official Stakeholder Group and a temporary eHealth Task Force.
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eHealth Stakeholder Group

The eHealth Stakeholder Group was established in March 2012. Members of the group are experts, coming from the European umbrella organisations active in the eHealth sector. It includes 29 members in total, appointed for a period of three years. The group contributes to the development of legislation and policy related to eHealth. The group holds three meetings per year and focusses on patient access to health records; and the deployment of telemedicine. The Group also deals with issues related to interoperability, health inequalities and work force in eHealth. The eHealth Stakeholder Group has been providing valuable input to the development of the eHealth Action Plan and the Commission Staff Working Paper on existing EU legal framework applicable to telemedicine services, adopted on 6 December 2012.

eHealth Task Force

In 2011, a temporary eHealth Task Force, consisting of health care professionals, representatives of patients, delegates of the medical, pharmaceutical and ICT industries, legal experts and policy makers was established to advise the Commission on how to unlock the full potential of eHealth for safer, better and more efficient healthcare in Europe. The Task Force produced a report with recommendations on how to develop the full benefits of eHealth in 2020.

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