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Digital Agenda Scoreboard


Find here the most recent analysis and data for Italy. A selection of key documents and graphs are shown about topics such as broadband, internet activity and skills, egovernment, ICT in schools, research and innovation, as well as other main indicators.
Last updated on 24/02/2015
Digital Champion

Riccardo Luna is editor for La Repubblica, President of Wikitalia (the Italian association for open government and transparency); Vice President of Make in Italy (the Italian foundation of makers and Fablabs); teacher of "Real World" at Scuola Holden; co-curator of the European Maker Fair in Rome; editor in chief at the online newspapers Chefuturo and StartupItalia – or in his own words:

"I am a journalist, an innovator and a dreamer."

Going local


Meetings Going Local 2013, Rome (3/6/13) and Milan (4/6/13) Key themes: broadband, skills and jobs, smart communities and eGovernment GL Italy 2013 visit report Going Local 2011, Rome (23/11/2011) Going Local 2011, Bologna (21/11/2011) Going Local 2011, Palermo (22/11/2011) Going Local 2011, Milan (21/03/2011) Two 'really' Going Local events in Bologna and Palermo, complementing the event in Rome and addressing the local and regional dimension of the Digital Agenda. A final event in Rome focused on the national priorities for the Digital Agenda.
Last updated on 25/09/2014