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Work session 4 - Transforming the traditional media sector: How to succeed in a strongly disruptive situation?

Audacity, technology, speed, community-building… maybe a secret ingredient?

The rise of digital has completely remodelled the media sector. Dematerialisation, new disruptive businesses, and the consumer ever more as the almighty king-maker: a revolutionised global media environment is already available on our screens. The digital world is indeed a world of opportunities, where new ways of media distribution are available, and where consumers can be reached out directly and through innovative methods.

Inspiring examples of talents and ideas were shared during the workshop, in order to define the ingredients for digital success. An interactive format allowed active participation and debates.


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Moderator: Ryan Heath

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Discuss your favorite media sector in depth!

Here you can discuss your favorite media sector a bit more in-depth! Be it the publishing, the audiovisual or the music sector! Let me know your thoughts

Third question! What are the most innovative business models for media? How do we feed the artist?

The media sector is subject to strong innovation in business models. Traditional business models are under attack. Yet many new examples have appeared, such as the Spanish crowdfunding platform Verkami which will present at the work session. VP Kroes reminded us that we need to "put the artist at the centre". What are the most interesting and innovative business model you have encountered? What are the most fair to the artist? Tweet about it! #dad14media Debate on reddit!

Second Question! How can big media work together with startups?

Europe has some of the strongest media companies, yet disruption coming from new players has affected their competitiveness. These new players are often only seen in opposition to established ones. Yet large media corporation have started collaborating with media startups, through mergers but also partnerships and incubation, such as BBC's Worldwide Labs ( ). How can large media corporations embrace disruption?

The first question is here! How do we grow great startups in the media sector in Europe?

How do we grow great startups in the media sector in Europe? There are some EU startups out there that make big, screaming and praising headlines in the media sector and become world leaders, such as Spotify and Mendeley. And yet, most of them remain at a local or national level and it's often the US-based companies who are more effective in serving the fragmented EU market. How would you make sure the startups in Europe can get a reliable audience and stay in businnes?

Welcome to the discussion

In view of the Digital Action Day workshop on Media, we open this space to prepare the debate and focus the scope of the discussion with the widest range of participants. Jo Martens, CEO of Nascom, will be moderating this forum and posing questions on a weekly basis.Feel free to post contributions; pose questions to the speakers; and present issues that you feel should be part of the discussion. The results of this discussion will be presented at the workshop 4 of the Digital Action Day.