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CONNECT Advisory Forum

CONNECT Advisory Forum for ICT Research and Innovation (CAF) has been set up as part of the preparation for Horizon 2020.
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The CAF's role is to bring the ICT research & innovation closer to the potential users. The CAF core group involves a number of leading personalities of the European ICT industry, large public research organisations and academics addressing not only the scientific and technological aspects of ICT but also the economic and societal impacts of new developments.

The CAF contributes to an ICT research and innovation portfolio that is engaged with citizens, attentive to individual impact and responsible; that drives out-of-the-box work, agile research and disruptive innovation; that supports SMEs as well as major players.

CAF's role in the implementation of Horizon 2020 is extensive and cuts across the three priorities, "scientific excellence', "industrial leadership" and "societal challenges". Given the pervasiveness of ICT, the CAF is explicitly tasked to advise on safeguarding the linkages and coherence of ICT across all the three priorities of H2020, taking into account the broader policy context within which the implementation of Horizon 2020 will be taking place.

The advisory role of the CAF goes beyond informing our understanding of the future of ICT research and innovation and shaping the choice of EU's priorities in this area. The CAF will be also an instrument for soliciting and assimilating signals from across society on our part of H2020. It will support outreach and dialogue with a wider group of stakeholders.

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