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’Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’ And few people provide more proof of this than the amazing authors...
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Battery improvement is one of the biggest challenges for electronic equipment. In particular, the limited battery autonomy of Electric Vehicle (EV) is currently one of the main obstacles preventing...
Christopher KERMORVANT
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Have you ever dreamed of an automatic translation tool, fully customised to your needs and taking into account your domain and specific vocabulary? Then, at DeepLingo, we have the perfect solution...
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Managing the flood of accessible research and public data and using it for the good of everybody offers major challenges but also huge potential benefits. How can we transform the new ways of doing...
Stefano BUTTI
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How can you, as a company, retain your customers, who can nowadays easily go from one supplier to another? Gamification for business is the next step innovation.
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Boosting Innovation through creativity and big data analytics
Lynne HALL
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New ways to learn in the classroom and beyond. Empathic robot tutors for children.
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With the adoption of all the implementing acts we have taken a concrete step to building and unleashing the potential of the Europe’s Digital Single Market.
Ralph DUM
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Will work handled by robots, information on cities and citizens gathered and analysed by intelligent networks and autonomous cars and drones that deliver goods and transport citizens change the...
Alexander PEINE
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Innovation of digital technologies and ICTs provide ample opportunities to improve active and healthy ageing, and transform the nature of health care. Most of these innovations, of which myriads are...