Digital Agenda for Europe
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14. Building confidence for the digital single market

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Room E (Autoworld, 1st floor), 17/06/2011 (9.30-13.00)

This workshop will explore the case for EU online trustmarks (Digital Agenda action 17) and other approaches like tools for comparability of price and quality for improving transparency and reliability of online offers.

Confidence and trust are prerequisites for engaging in online activities. Lack of consumer trust and confidence remains a big barrier for e-commerce in Europe, notably cross-border e-commerce.

The measures to be discussed aim at increasing online trust and confidence and consumer empowerment as well as to decreasing fragmentation and driving competition in the online market.


Chair: Mr. Pablo Arias Echeverría, Member of the European Parliament

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Patrick Van Eecke, Partner DLA Piper, Belgium

9h30 - 10h00

Opening speech: Pablo Arias Echeverría, Member of the European Parliament

Opening comments: Trust and confidence in European e-commerce – setting the scene

Patricia Lamotte, DG Internal Market and Services, "Future of e-commerce in the internal market"

Colum Joyce, C360, Presentation of the results of the online discussions

10h00 - 11h00 Session 1: Is there a case for an EU online trustmark?

Paolo Balboni, Partner at ICT Legal Consulting & Scientific Director of the European Privacy Association: "Trustmarks in e-Commerce: Key Elements for a Trustworthy Scheme"

Jean-Marc Noël, Managing Director, TrustedShops, "European Trustmark Experience – Lessons learned on building and operating a sustainable solution to foster e-commerce confidence across Europe"

Moderated discussion by Patrick Van Eecke

11h00 - 11h30 Coffee break

11h30 - 12h45 Session 2: Key requirements for building consumer's confidence in online retail market. What are the critical dimensions for an online retail service to be trusted by consumers?

David Mair, Head of Consumer Markets unit, DG Health and Consumers, "Online comparison tools – price and quality"

Sebastian Bohr, DG Health and Consumers, "Online dispute resolution for e-commerce transactions"

Moderated discussion by Patrick Van Eecke

12h45 - 13h00 Summarising the outcome of the discussions, conclusion and close by Chair

Workshop links and documents

Workshop results

Session organiser: Michal HRBATY (European Commission - DG INFSO)

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