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112 in Belgium

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The European emergency number 112 is not the only emergency number in Belgium.

Alongside 112, the following emergency numbers are available:

  • 100 - medical emergency and fire brigade,
  • 101 - police.

Disabled people can contact 112 by call or fax. Access by SMS to the emergency numbers will be available in the future, but only for a limited group of identified deaf and hearing impaired people.

It is not possible to call 112 from a mobile phone without a SIM card.

Calls are answered in French, Dutch and English. They may also be answered in German in some cases.

112 calls are answered within 7 seconds.

According to the latest E-communications household and telecom single market survey, 61% of Belgians know they can use 112 everywhere in the EU.

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    Last updated on 19/05/2015