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08. Innovation and entrepreneurship

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Innovation and entrepreneurship

The European Commission funds collaborative R&D activities (in excess of 1 billion Euro annually). While the scientific and technological achievements of the programme are indisputable, the transfer of those into innovation activities has turned out to depend on additional factors beyond technological excellence that are not so straightforward to define and realise.

Horizon 2020 is conceived to make a stronger push for innovation in order to enable growth and new jobs in Europe. In this context the workshop wants to shed light on two crucial ingredients of the innovation process: Entrepreneurship and partnerships for innovation.

The workshop will be divided in two half day sessions:

1. Entrepreneurship: Building on the web entrepreneurs initiative started at DAA2011 this session will present the results of the crowd source exercise launched at The crowd will inform us about what should be done at EU level to support EU web entrepreneurs launching and growing sustainable global businesses. Other types of digital entrepreneurs from R&D intensive domains such as photonics will also contribute. The conclusions will be consolidated in a paper which will feed into the preparation of innovation friendly measures in H2020 and DAE.

In addition, the session will prepare the *"European Web Entrepreneurs Partnership"*. This partnership will be composed of private companies offering resources for web entrepreneurs (e.g. free hosting, free adds, mentoring support). At the session, the results of the preparatory online discussion will be presented and a core group of partners will commit to launch the partnership under the EC leadership.

2. Communities and Partnerships for Innovation: This session will highlight how partnerships of the EC with industry and MS can foster innovation ecosystems. The objective is to intensify the partnership with industry to achieve a long-term commitment on innovation which is based on a shared vision and clearly defined objectives. The aim is to prepare a *"Digital Innovation Charter"* which will define the roles and commitments of the various innovation actors. The charter will be partially developed through the workshop website. As a follow up it is intended to use it for the launch of new PPPs and JTIs in H2020 and as input for the KET policy.

Venue: Committee of the Regions, Jacques Delors building, Room JDE52, 5th floor, Atrium, Rue Belliard. 99-101, 1040 Brussels


This workshop was streamed live and is now available.


1. Morning session: Entrepreneurship

9:05 Welcome and Purpose

9:10 Key Note Speaker – Pablo Zalba, MEP

9:25 Introduction to the Programme

9:30 Reporting of the online discussions

9:40 Introducing Our Selves

9:55 Welcome from the EC, Megan Richards - Acting Deputy Director General, DG INFSO, EC

10:05 Inspirational Perspectives

  • Startup America Partnership: Derek F. Holt -Managing Director National Partnerships
  • Startup Europe Partnership - Aurelio Jiménez Romero - Director of Planning and Development, INCYDE
  • The entrepreneurship Act: Mr Juan Corro - Head of Cabinet at Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Technology, Spain
  • Accelerating global minded entrepreneurs: Gary Stewart - Wayra

10:35 BREAK

10:50 Inspirational Initiatives

  • Entrepreneurship and lean startups: Nico Perez - MixCloud
  • EC Crowdsourcing challenge: Amy Bonsall and Haiyan Zhang - OpenIDEO
  • OPUS: Web-entrepreneurs and the internet economy - Bas Kotterink - TNO

12:00 Identifying New Ideas and Actions to Improve Web Entrepreneurship in Europe

12:40 Next Steps, Learnings and Closing

13:00 Close morning session

2. Afternoon session: Innovation Partnerships

14:30 Opening by Zoran Stančič, Deputy Director General, DG INFSO, European Commission.

14:40 Panel 1: Innovation ecosystems, their actors and possible improvements of their growth conditions

Series of short testimonials (30 min):

  • Prof. Karl Leo, Technical University Dresden, (founder of SMEs Novaled and Heliatek)
  • Dr. Jan Van den Biesen, Philips Research, Eindhoven
  • Dr. Christine Neuy, Mikrosystemtechnik Baden-Württemberg e.V., Germany (speaker of technology cluster microTEC Südwest)

Panel discussion with the speakers and

  • Dr. Efstratios Kehayas, Constelex, Athens (CEO of SME )
  • Dr. Klaus Beetz, EIT ICT Labs, Berlin
  • Dr. Nigel Woolaway, Leading Edge, Italy (CEO of SME)

16:00 Coffee Break

16:30 Report on online preparation and Digital Innovation Charter by Laja Pujol (moderator of online platform)

16:45 Panel 2, Commitment of partners in innovation partnerships.

Series of short testimonials (30 min):

  • Dr. Berit Wessler, Osram, München on Photonics 21
  • Dr. Marc Corthout, President XTREME technologies GmbH, Aachen
  • Dr. Marcel Annegarn, General director of AENEAS industry association, Paris about ENIAC technology platform

Panel discussion with the speakers and

  • Dr. Giovanni Barontini, Finmeccanica, Rome
  • Dr. José Jimenez, Telefonica, Spain

17:50 Wrap up afternoon session by by Thierry Van der Pyl, Director, DG INFSO, European Commission

18:00 Closing

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Responsible Official: Werner STEINHÖGL (European Commission, INFSO G3 (Embedded Systems and Controls), Belgium), Isidro LASO BALLESTEROS (European Commission, Information Society and Media, Belgium)

Speakers: Christine NEUY (MicroTEC Südwest c/o Fachverband MST BW, Germany), Efstratios KEHAYAS (Constelex Technology Enablers, Greece), Giovanni BARONTINI (Finmeccanica SpA, CTO, Italy), Jan VAN DEN BIESEN (Philips Research, Philips Research, Netherlands), Jose JIMENEZ (Telefonica I D, Innovacion, Spain), Klaus BEETZ (EIT ICT Labs, Berlin), Marc CORTHOUT (XTREME Technologies GmbH, Germany), Marcel ANNEGARN (AENEAS, France), Nigel WOOLAWAY (Leading Edge snc, Italy), Derek HOLT (Startup America Partnership, United States), Juan CORRO BESELER (Telecommunications and the Information Society, Spain), Gary STEWART (Wayra, Spain), Aurelio JIMENEZ (INCYDE Foundation, Spain), Pablo ZALBA BIDEGAIN (European Parliament, EPP, Spain), Zoran STANČIČ (European Commission, Belgium)

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