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05. Data

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Recent industry reports detail how data volumes are growing rapidly, with annual increases up to 40%. Data volumes of Facebook are by themselves estimated to be as big as the entire World Wide Web was in 2004.

Exploiting this data - extracting actionable meaning out of the mass of unorganised and often volatile material in many languages, analysing, using and re-using it- could transform the Web and the way we handle information once and for all. It could facilitate our lives through innovative ICT applications, lead to better support for decision-making and planning, give research in different domains a major boost, and improve interaction between online, social and enterprise usages. In this scenario, the ability to draw knowledge out of data would change the Internet in a way similar to the changes brought about by the ‘search’ and ‘social media’ revolutions in recent years.

The proposed workshop will explore the potential of data, some of the most promising economic and business aspects involved, and discuss how policy for data and our investment in R&D can better address the challenges of businesses and the public sector and further support innovative business development.


This workshop was streamed live and is now available.

Van Maerlant Building, room VMA2, rue Belliard 99, Brussels.

09h30h: Welcome speech, Chair Khalil Rouhana, Director, European Commission

09h45h: Keynote speech, François Bancilhon, Data Publica

10h00: Reporting from online discussions, Paul Miller, Cloud of Data

10h30: Panel 1 - Public Sector Information (PSI) with examples from specific application areas such as geographic information, business registries and transport

Moderator: Richard Swetenham, Head of Unit, European Commission

Panellists :

  • Ivailo Kalfin, Member of the European Parliament
  • Amelia Andersdotter, Member of the European Parliament
  • Paul Farrell, Coordinator at the European Business Register
  • Chris Taggart, Co-founder & CEO, Open Corporates
  • Jean - Philippe Grelot, Deputy Director General, IGN France
  • Geoff Sawyer, Secretary General, European Association of Remote Sensing Companies,
  • Tomasz Zielinski, owner of FTL Software

13h00 - 14.00: Lunch

14h00: Panel 2 - Accessing and exploiting data across languages

Moderator: Roberto Cencioni, Head of Unit, European Commission

Panellists :

  • Josef van Genabith, Director, CNGL
  • Jochen Hummel, CEO, Esteam
  • Andrejs Vasiljevs, CEO, Tilde
  • Matthias Heyn, Matthias Heyn, Vice President, SDL

15h30: Panel 3 - Data-driven value generation

Moderator: Márta Nagy-Rothengass, Head of Unit, European Commission

Panellists :

  • Joachim Schaper, AGT,
  • Gregor Hackenbroich, SAP Research
  • Aidan McGuire, ScraperWiki
  • Dieter Fensel, STI Innsbruck

17h00: Wrap up - Paul Miller

17h20: Closing note - Chair Khalil Rouhana

17h30 – 20h00: Cocktail

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Responsible Official: Rehana SCHWINNINGER-LADAK (European Commission, DG Infromation society and media, Luxembourg)

Speakers: Khalil ROUHANA (European Commission, DG Information Society and Media, Luxembourg), François BANCILHON (Data Publica, France), Paul MILLER (Cloud of Data, United Kingdom)

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