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01. Converged Media Platforms

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Converged Media Platforms

Following last year's workshop on "ICT and the management of creative content", the workshop will constitute a further development in the exchanges bringing the focus more on the convergence angle but maintaining the strong emphasis on the consumer which emerged during last year's discussions.

Convergence of devices is increasingly becoming reality with connected TV models and cloud computing. As a result, content is increasingly a strategic asset for telecom operators, equipment manufacturers, online service providers and social media which compete to provide new application services and innovative business models to respond to new consumption patterns.

Consumers are increasingly able and willing to access content which could be anything anywhere across multiple devices (internet-enabled TV sets, PCs, smartphones and tablets).


This workshop was streamed live and is now available.

Six sessions based on a TV show format will explore issues related to convergence of media platforms with a particular focus on connected TV, but will extend also to issues such as content creation and consumption via social media.

The anchorwoman for the day will be Angela Mills Wade, Executive Director of the European Publishers Council.

9:30-10:00 Session 1 - Scene setter: news programme. (20 minutes presentation of main issues)– Caroline Pauwels, IBBT SMIT VUB

10:00-11:15 Session 2 - Talk show: "The living room of tomorrow" - What will technology bring?

Moderator: Bill Thompson

Panelists: Christoph Dosch, IRT/HbbTV; Genevieve Bell, Intel; Damir Filipovic, Samsung; Yves Bausch, SES; Jim Beveridge, Microsoft; Van Loon, X-Media Strategies.

11:15-11:45 Coffee Break

11:45-13:00 Session 3 - Talk show: "Creation" - How to create compelling content and services in a converged media environment?

Moderator: Laura Sboarina

Panelists: Thomas Spiller,Disney; Hanna Skold, Tangram Film; Peter Cassidy, FremantleMedia UK Interactive, Sabine Verheyen, MEP.

13:00-14:15 Lunch Break

14:15-15:30 Session 4 – Talk show: "The viewers perspective – challenges and opportunities"

Moderator: Nico Perez

Panelists: Peter Hustinx, EDPS; Wim Bekkers, NICAM; Mia Ahlgren, EDF/ HSO; Monica Arino, Ofcom.

15:30-15:45 Coffee Break

15:45-17:10 Session 5 - Talk show: "Soap Opera" – How is content financed?

Moderator: Detlef Eckert, DG INFSO Director

Panelists: Martin Smith, Ingenious Media; Stephan Loerke, WFA; Sylvie Forbin, Vivendi, Richard Kastelein, Agora Media.

17:10 Session 6 - Weather forecast: Summary of main trends and findings of the day: Erika Mann

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Responsible Official: Elisabeth MARKOT (European Commission)

Speakers: Ad VAN LOON (X-Mediastrategies, Netherlands), Bill THOMPSON (BBC, Archive Development, United Kingdom), Caroline PAUWELS (IBBT-SMIT, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium), Genevieve BELL (Intel, Intel Labs, United States), Laura SBOARINA (Cullen International, Belgium), Martin SMITH (Ingenious Media, CEO's office, United Kingdom), Peter HUSTINX (European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS)), Richard KASTELEIN (Agora Media, Managment, United Kingdom), Sabine VERHEYEN (European Parliament), Thomas SPILLER (The Walt Disney Company, Belgium), Wim BEKKERS (NICAM, Netherlands), Monica ARINO (Ofcom, United Kingdom), Mia AHLGREN (The Swedish Disability Federation, Sweden), Nico PEREZ (mixcloud), Sylvie FORBIN (VIVENDI, Public & European Affairs, French Southern Territories), Martin SMITH (Ingenious Media, CEO's office, United Kingdom), Damir FILIPOVIC (Samsung Electronics Europe, EU Affairs, Belgium)

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