Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

Grand Coalition - Pledge of ACER

Offer up to 50 internships in 2013 in EU countries with interns working in ACER and touching all the aspects of ICT industry.
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In order to give more attractiveness to the STEM environment, digital industry and related jobs ACER is willing to invest in resources. Their pledge is to have in every European country an Internship program looking at STEM schools (from K12 to university level) and to have at least 1 student per country (up to 3-4 depending on the country) working in ACER and touching all the aspects of ICT industry ( Engineering, Marketing, Business, Corporate Social Responsibility, etc.).

In total ACER will have up to 50 internships. An important goal of this programme is to “spread the word” in their education community (both resellers & IT partners like MS/Intel/Promethean/Adobe/Fourier, etc.) in order to replicate this initiative at a larger scale.


Last updated on 21/03/2014