Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
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Maritime affairs & fisheries online magazine

Maritime affairs & fisheries online magazine

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Good news for the Bluefin tuna fishery: the fishing season, which just came to an end, ran smoothly and controls confirmed high standards of compliance by EU operators.

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On 27 July, European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Karmenu Vella launched …

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In little over two months, more than 80 aquaria and counting have joined the European Commission’s call to action in a global awareness raising action about marine litter, a central issue of …

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Maritime Affairs and Fisheries magazine survey

Maritime Affairs and Fisheries magazine survey

Dear Reader of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries magazine,

We are constantly striving to reach the right people with our publications, whilst making the best use of our resources and reduce our environmental footprint. We have therefore launched a small survey to explore whether there is continued need of a printed magazine or whether we should focus on and develop only the online publication. We would be grateful, if you could give us your opinion on the following questions: