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Shaping the future of the Mediterranean together

Looking back to look forward in the Mediterranean: an interview with Italian artist, Chiara Lodi

© Chiara Lodi

Chiara Lodi, with the aid of nothing but a hammer and chisel, individually cuts the many pieces of marble, rock, enamel, gold and glass plate that combine …

Setting our sights on blue-green success in 2017, by Karmenu Vella

Taking better care of our oceans

© Peizais

The European Union is taking the lead to create a stronger system of ocean governance around the globe. The goal? To ensure that ...

Ein „sanfterer Fußabdruck“ im arktischen Schnee

© Image Bear

Wenn es einen Ort auf der Welt gibt, an dem der Klimawandel offen zutage tritt, dann ist es die Arktis ...

A softer footprint in the Arctic snow

© Image Bear

If there is one place in the world where climate change is plainly visible, it is the Arctic region. The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world ...

Interview with Kim Young-Suk: the South Korean Vice Minister of Oceans and Fisheries

© Mathew Wintercross, 2015

The Vice Minister has been at the heart of South Korea’s fight against IUU fishing and his country’s successful efforts …

Making sustainability a reality

 © Adrian Catalin Lazar |
© Adrian Catalin Lazar |

Pesca Internacional and European Commission - The Interview

"Farmed in the EU" – A healthy, fresh, and local alternative

‘Farmed in the EU’ – A healthy, fresh, and local alternative - © European Union
© European Union

With fish stocks still not safe from overfishing and with a growing demand for seafood from consumers, fish farming has taken on an increasingly important role in Europe

Porre fine alla pesca eccessiva: i risultati sono buoni, ma resta ancora molto da fare

Ending overfishing: much to celebrate, much to do - © European Union
Ending overfishing: much to celebrate, much to do - © European Union

Dieci anni di impegno comune per impedire il depauperamento delle risorse ittiche e massimizzare i rendimenti sostenibili nelle acque europee stanno dando i loro frutti.


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