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Blue Growth

Blue Growth

EMD2017, Europe's maritime community gets together

© Richard Budd

This year marked the 10th anniversary of the EU's Integrated Maritime Policy and the 10th edition of European Maritime Day – an occasion to network, discuss and forge joint action …

European Maritime Day - taking Blue Growth to the next level

© Kari Vainio

Blue Growth is here to stay. That was the conclusion reached by the 1,187 marine and maritime stakeholders who gathered in ...

Seas, oceans and man in a changing climate

© Tischenko Irina

It's called 'planet Earth', but oceans and seas account for 70 percent of its surface, and seawater for 97 percent of its waters. We know the seas give us food, energy, mobility, medicine and leisure – but that is only half the story …

Careers in the Blue Economy: How to close the skills gap and make the marine and maritime sectors more attractive to young people

© Nightman1965

Our coasts and seas have the potential to deliver growth and jobs in the coming years. In order to achieve Blue Growth, the European Commission's long term strategy …

European Maritime Day: setting the tone for a bright - and blue - future

© European Union

“We share a conviction that our seas and coasts hold the key to our future and we are here to discuss what that future should be,” Karmenu Vella …

European Maritime Day 2015

© Destination Piraeus

On May 28 and 29 the Greek port of Piraeus will host the European Maritime Day conference …

Small businesses can drive Blue Growth and put Europe on the road to recovery

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Growing small- and medium-sized businesses, or SMEs, is one of the fundamentals for the future of Europe’s economy.

La Croazia entra nell’UE

Croatia joins the family - © Shutterstock
Croatia joins the family - © Shutterstock

Dal 1° luglio la Repubblica di Croazia è membro dell’Unione europea . Giunta appena in tempo per l’attuazione della nuova politica comune della pesca...

La Croatie rejoint la famille

Croatia joins the family - © Shutterstock
Croatia joins the family - © Shutterstock

Depuis le 1er juillet, la République de Croatie est membre de l’Union européenne. Précédant de peu l’entrée en vigueur de la nouvelle politique commune...

Croacia se une a la familia

Croatia joins the family - © Shutterstock
Croatia joins the family - © Shutterstock

Desde el 1 de julio, la República de Croacia es miembro de la Unión. Esta adhesión, que se produce justo a tiempo para la aplicación de la nueva...


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