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Defence Industry and Space

EU Defence Industry and Space strive to ensure competitiveness, innovation and security for all EU citizens

Supporting the "European Green Deal"

Green deal

The EU’s Galileo, EGNOS and Copernicus programmes continuously and accurately gather data that measure essential climate variables for agriculture, biodiversity and clean energy, making informed decision possible. These long-time, high-quality and verified data are accessible to everyone for free and represent a valuable resource to underpin the green ecological transition. They empower citizens, entrepreneurs, researchers and public authorities to find data-driven innovative solutions and take responsible action for a more sustainable future.

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Supporting "Europe Fit for the Digital Age"

digital age

Digital technologies are changing the world at high speed. They change the way we communicate, work and spend our daily lives. Digital innovation is taking place in all areas of the European economy: from health to farming, from security to manufacturing. Nevertheless, the European Commission has recognized the need to invest more in digital technologies. The EU Space Programme plays a crucial role in bringing forth Europe’s Digital Transformation.

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Supporting "Promoting the European Way of Life"

european way of life

Space technology, data and services have become indispensable in the lives of Europeans. We rely on them when using mobile phones and car navigation systems, watching satellite TV, and withdrawing money. Time has come to reinvent the EU Space brand by stressing these benefits for EU citizens as well as highlighting the huge potential for business development for midstream and downstream services

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Conference on the Future of Europe

Actions against COVID-19


As a crisis-resilient public utility, the EU Space Programme offers solutions for multiple recovery mechanisms: by safeguarding public health with the most accurate positioning system in the world, by monitoring how we deliver on the Green Deal promises with the best in class Earth Observation system and through assuring a free and secure communication channel for the Member States

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