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Defence Industry and Space



The EU GOVSATCOM initiative, which has been launched by the European Commission as part of the EU Space Programme, will ensure the long-term availability of reliable, secure and cost-effective governmental satellite communications services for EU and national public authorities managing security critical missions and infrastructures.

Due to significant changes in the political and security environment, the origin, nature and severity of threats to which the EU is exposed, both within its territory and beyond its borders, has considerably evolved over these last years.

To perform their missions and face threats ranging from natural disasters, pandemics or cyber-attacks to more traditional forms of conflicts or instability, the EU and national actors involved in security-related activities need access to communication means in situations where ground-based communication systems may not be available, either because they simply do not exist (e.g. in remote regions or high seas) or because they are disrupted or unreliable (e.g. in case of an earthquake or ill-intentioned acts).

However, because of the criticality of the missions and operations they are entrusted with, security actors have more stringent requirements than private users with regard to communication means. Beyond the fact that they need to communicate between themselves or with their command centres in almost any circumstances and at any time, they may also have to exchange sensitive information. In brief, security actors need communication means offering a guaranteed access and protection against interference, interception, intrusion, and cybersecurity risks. This is where the EU GOVSATCOM initiative comes into play.

Implemented in close collaboration with EU Member States, with the European GNSS Agency (GSA) the European External Action Service (EEAS) , the European Space Agency (ESA), and with a large number of other EU agencies and actors, EU GOVSATCOM will provide an appropriate level of European non-dependence in terms of technologies, assets, operations and services. The EU GOVSATCOM initiative will also provide support to several EU policies, but before all, it will strengthen the EU capacity to protect its citizens.