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Defence Industry and Space


CASSINI Space Entrepreneurship Initiative

CASSINI is the European Commission’s new initiative to support innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs in the space industry, including New Space, during 2021-2027.

The initiative is open to all areas of the EU Space Programme, and covers both upstream (e.g. nanosats, launchers, etc.) and downstream (i.e. products/ services enabled by space data)

CASSINI includes, as centrepiece, a €1 billion EU seed and growth fund, as well as hackathons and mentoring, prizes, a business accelerator, partnering, matchmaking and in-orbit demonstration.

Actions that are open for application will be published starting in mid 2021. The CASSINI initiative includes:


  • CASSINI Hackathons & Mentoring 
  • CASSINI Prizes (soon online)
  • CASSINI Business Accelerator (soon online)
  • CASSINI Seed and Growth Funding Facility (soon online)
  • CASSINI Matchmaking (soon online)
  • CASSINI In-Orbit Demonstration & Validation (soon online)