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Defence Industry and Space

CASSINI - Space Entrepreneurship Initiative

In January 2021, Commissioner Breton announced the setting-up of a €1 billion European Space Fund to boost start-ups and space innovation, that would cover the whole innovation cycle, from business ideas to industry growth.

On this basis, the European Commission has put in place CASSINI to support entrepreneurship among space-related businesses in the EU. The initiative is tailored to the needs of companies in different growth stages from seed to mid-caps, and to companies developing space technology as well as digital applications for various markets, by improving access to investments and professional networks.

CASSINI also caters to future entrepreneurs by offering competitions and mentoring as a fast way forward to develop products meeting important customer needs, exploring new business models and crafting go-to-market plans. See CASSINI Hackathons & Mentoring and CASSINI myEUspace Competition.


CASSINI Key Features