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The EU Defence industry

DG DEFIS is responsible for strengthening the competitiveness of the defence industry, including SMEs, and stimulating the defence internal market

We are in charge of the competitiveness and innovation of the European Defence industry by ensuring the evolution of an able European defence technological and industrial base. We are responsible for for the implementation and oversight of the European Defence Fund encouraging collaborative projects focusing on building an open and competitive European defence equipment market and enforcing EU procurement rules on defence as well as the implementation of the Action Plan on Military Mobility

The first results of the programme demonstrate the success of the Programme in attracting visionary ideas contributing to resilience and competitiveness in the European defence sector as well as underpinning cooperation among market players, independently of their size and their origin within the EU. With the right level of financing, the European Defence Fund will enable to significantly scale-up the success achieved by the European Defence Industrial Development Programme today and build another milestone in European Defence cooperation

Thierry Breton, Commissioner for Internal Market