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Defence Industry and Space

European Network of Defence related Regions

The European Network of Defence-related Regions (ENDR) is a network of regional authorities and clusters coming together to share experiences and best practices. It focuses on integrating defence into smart specialisation strategies (RIS3) and in accessing EU funding, so that defence-related SMEs can benefit fully from the funding tools and programmes that are offered at regional and European level.

The ENDR is funded under the COSME programme. This platform is driven by the regions, whereas the Commission is mainly acting as a facilitator and coordinator.

Following a selection process in early 2016, the Commission has selected three model regions to co-organise three events to share best practices with other European regions: Bretagne, the Solent Region and Denmark.

Meanwhile, various other regional organisations and clusters have joined the ENDR, and different events haven taken place.

At these events, the Enterprise Europe Network facilitated matchmaking opportunities for SMEs.

The dedicated ENDR website is the main platform for all interested defence-related regions to increase their visibility, share their best good practice examples, exchange information and promote their joint ENDR events.